[A] <Penumbra> - Recruiting for 10 Man.

The title says it all, currently Penumbra, a new guild Alliance side on Proudmoore is recruiting!

Who we are:

Penumbra is a friendly casual guild gone a little bit more hardcore. We are LGBT friendly, and we are just friendly to everyone in general. We aren't a tight knit social guild or anything like that, we have fun, and we get things done. We do not tolerate drama, although no guild is 100% drama free, we make an effort to keep things at a bare minimum.

We currently run a 10 man raid group. I consider it semi-hardcore. We don't want raiding to become a job, we like to have a good time and at the same time, progress through the content. We do ask that you practice normal raiding etiquette however, which I cover below.

General Recruitment Needs:

Death Knight: Open.
Druid: Open.
Hunter: Open.
Mage: Open.
Monk: Open.
Paladin: (High Need). One Holy Paladin.
Priest: Open.
Rogue: High Need.
Shaman: (High Need). Our group could use one Elemental Shaman.
Warlock: Open.
Warrior: Open.

Our current raid groups and their needs:

Nayura's Group:

This is my group, it is a well rounded group, with a full raid comp, however we are recruiting people for it as some of our raiders are soon going to stop playing because of schedule issues. We currently are in need of one skilled Elemental shaman to finish off our group. We also need a Mage/Lock as a replacement to some of the people that will no longer be raiding with us. Our raid times are listed below all of them are server time, PST. (UTC -8).


Tues: 6 - 9
Wed: None.
Thur: None.
Fri: None.
Sat: None.
Sun: 6 - 9
Mon: 6 - 9

Loot Rules: This group runs with a loot council, consisting of four players players, so there are no stalemates, no favorites and our ultimate goal is to make things fair. If one of our loot council members is choosing to roll on an item, they will be asked to sit out and our 4th person will stand in. Our decisions are based on the quality of performance, your contribution and dedication to the raid. (This includes showing up on time, and being read, knowing fights, mechanics and being fully gemmed and enchanted, which we will help you with, just ask).

Contact us:

If you are interested in applying for our raid groups, just contact or send in game mail to Nayura, Vyari, or Rismark in game if you wish to join. Also, feel free to make an application on the site. Please include which group you are applying for.

Thanks for reading, we hope to raid with you soon! Best of luck, and have fun out there! See you in Azeroth.

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