Bug: The Mariner's Revenge quest

I crashed while on the dinghy fighting Leviathan. When I got back into game I was just floating in water. (you need to be on dinghy to dmg Leviathan) So I abandoned quest and reaccepted it. But the guy who launches the dinghy now just runs to the end of the pier and dissapears instead of dinghy appearing as it should.
yea the same thing happened to me but i cant figure anything out
I also have this exact problem. The quest giver runs to the end of the dock, and disappears. I've submitted a ticket and they say the quest is "functioning normally". I've done everything they have recommended but nothing has worked.
Hey guys, I figured something out that worked. I deleted my WTF, Cache, and Interface folders and logged back in and IT WORKED!!! You probably only need do delete one of the three, but I don't know which one. Goodluck!

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