Any Undead feel weird in MoP?

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I've always viewed my Deathknight as being fairly cold and calculating, not rushing to judgements or being bothered by emotional responses. I sort of feel like against an enemy that feeds on emotions that an emotionless cold automoton would probably be the best candidate to fight them.

That's my opinion and I assume a lot of people play their characters a lot differently than that.

That's how I imagine this guy most of the time. Luckily, he and the pandaren share a mutual love of ale, so there's common ground there. I can definitely understand where the OP is coming from, though.

What surprises me though is that the pandaren aren't intimidated by me. I am a twelve foot tall, eight hundred pound undead minotaur clad in armor with an enormous axe. Look at me; I seem extremely pissed.
Yeah! You savage blood elves with your beautiful architecture and magical society!

Wait, what?
Maybe it's because, being a rogue, I'm a savage compared to the rest of my people? I mean, I use a ponytail rather than a sophisicated hairdo. Surelly that's grounds to call me a savage.

Also, most quests assume you're melee, specially warriors. They say things like "you look really strong!" or "They told me they'd send some muscle!" when I'm on my mage. All the quests assume you're a human warrior, unless they're horde specific, then they assume you're an orc warrior.

I don't know, I'm pretty ripped under all these robes.
I feel the same way on my death knight. The Sha would be following her around like some stalker with as much angst as she has. I imagine my death knight relatively nice in that she understands the concept of helping others, but at the same time she's pissed off that she's a death knight. It's a fine line, but one that would manifest in Pandaria. It's just so strange that the pandaren are so accepting of her and think she's the best thing since sliced bread. Totally strange situation.

While I'm not undead, this character has always been EVIL. Like unrepentant, utterly despicable, hangs out with the undead, still eats most things she kills, would stab a good friend in the eye for a few gold, kill the defenseless ones first...EVIL.

So to have my character lauded and praised by freaking everyone and their cousin and to have them trust me so implicitly, I'm twitching, wondering where I can find a quest giver to pay me to slaughter them all.

Also, I have no idea why I don't generate sha whereever I go - other than it's possible that with the larger conflicts making giant sha-balls everywhere, that singular characters sort of only contribute to the rift areas.

I have to say though, that the Pandas are starting to get to her. She's sort of at the point where she thinks the conflict between the Horde and Alliance is monumentally stupid. I mean, hate who you hate, kill people you don't like, but what's the point of flag waving?

I mean, hell, Dembai's number one most hated ANYTHING is ANY OTHER TROLL from any other tribe. She doesn't need to be Horde to hate them the most.
I race changed from Orc this expack. I like Orcs, but.. undead warlock is just so much better.

And yes, I feel strange in Pandaria.
10/05/2012 08:24 AMPosted by Houndstooth
god can you imagine an undead jinyu? the odor in pandaria would be unbearable.


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