zen pilgrimage bugged to hell

Sometimes when i go to port back from serenity it just ports me to serenety's graveyard and puts it on cd

sometimes it teleports me to the GY in the zone i was in

just now i tried casting it to go to serenity from searing gorge....i didnt go anywhere, stood in exact same spot, and its on Cd now >.<

why does this thing have a half hour Cd?
I've had the same issue as well as others. The one that seems to annoy me the most is getting my enlightenment buff and accepting a dungeon queue while in Serenity. I finish the dungeon, port back to Serenity, but I can no longer return to where I started when I cast Zen Pilgrimage (my hearth was on cool down as well, so I spent 10 wasted minutes stuck there.
I havent had any problems with it. I didn't use it too heavily from 1-60 though.

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