Low level Monk PvP gear?

Try Gadgetzan outside the Arena for PVP items lvl 70 and up, not sure if there was anything for lvl 60, but know for sure there is for lvl 70+. I hope that helps some people.
Such BS there is no low level gear available for honor.

How did they even miss this? Did they honestly think PVP'ers would not notice? First thing I do at 28, 38 etc is go to buy the belt and shoes in Refuge Point or Hammerfall.

Bad enough I'm in cloth (moved my leather to another realm before MOP came out) but I can't even slowly start adding leather to make me a bit more competitive in PVP. Sad too because from level 10 to 20 MW's are very competitive even in cloth!!! Then we hit a wall and get wrecked because of the PVP gear disparity. Such a buzzkill to know that I won't be able to compete with the best in each bracket because of gear gimps. I was excited to level a monk in pvp until today... Blizz, nice oversight. Very nice.

Love the potential of the class but having to wait till 90 to be competitive? Come on..

Question: Did they add low lvl Dk sets during Wrath?
Gross incompetence.
Another bump, I spent far too long looking for a trinket for my tiny monk, and just.. scratching my head, until I found myself here. I guess there goes my awesome "Im gonna level pvping!" idea.
The DK set wasn't added until a few patches into Wrath, maybe they didn't think there would be any demand for it or anything.

But I mean, after learning about how it went with DKs, you would think when a new class came, they would do that too.

I've got a monk I plan on leaving at 70 just because I'm bored, and it'd be fun to have something to wear. Maybe I'll stop it at 60 instead, or something.
This is still not fixed.....at least just add it to where we could use the leather from druids or rogues.....Bump!
Just came across this thread. 5.3 and no PVP trinket yet. I even realm transferred a toon with 2x Heirloom maces just so I could PVP and now I can't get one of the basic necessities until 61?
I agree that not having PvP sets for leveling monks is disturbing and frustrating. So I decided to simply queue for dungeons as BM and queue for BG's as WW. That way I can get a little bit of PvP in before i max the lvl cap.

But full on leveling in BG's like i wanted to do, scratch that !

PS: Overall still having a blast !
Not even level 61 - level 70. I can't get a pvp trinket for this toon until 70 /sigh

Please fix blizzard, seriously.
Not even level 61 - level 70. I can't get a pvp trinket for this toon until 70 /sigh

Please fix blizzard, seriously.

It is very annoying, but you can get a pvp trinket at level 60. You can do that pvp quest in Hellfire Peninsula that requires you to claim the three pvp objectives in that zone. Luckily when I hit 60, the alliance claimed all three so I just grabbed the quest and did it. Best of luck!
Not even level 61 - level 70. I can't get a pvp trinket for this toon until 70 /sigh

Please fix blizzard, seriously.

Noone cares about lowbie PvP. Just level up and get to 90. There are bigger fish to fry.
Here's an idea. Deal with it and learn to play better like I am doing :)

I am 77 and a 76 Hunter can aimed shot crit me for like 10-12 or so i think.

I have 16k health and a hunter can pretty much destroy me in about 1.5 seconds if I am not aware of what is going on :)

BUT I am learning to play :)

That same hunter just destroyed himself after I waited until the last second to trinket his scatter shot and baited his aimed shot to land the instant I hit him with Touch of Karma :)
Don't worry about it. Blizzard is giving us a 90% bonus damage ability via TEB after 5.4. That will fix us, no worries.
At Hamerfall all of the defilers's gear is gone it stops at level 28 instead of going to level 58 different tiers?

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