Silvershard Mines Bugged!!!!

3 Times now I have entered bg's through the random que and have gotten the same bugged Silvershard Mines. The counters are stuck at 1599 alliance and 1499 horde and no matter how many times the carts are capped IT WILL NEVER END. I've had to take deserter 3 times which is super annoying. Please look into this!
Reminds me of vanilla AV lol.
l2play issue!

am i one of the cool kids yet?
10/05/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Durpycat
l2play issue
lol I just got it, kinda funny so many skeletons
I was in there for a good 5 hours, I was having ufn and getting achievements so what the heck I stayed.
Yea I just got into one that's been going on for 9 hours...some dk was 226kbs and 286 deaths. How the heck? I don't have that patience on a bugged bg. Please fix it, because it really can be a good bg! And it's not right to have to take deserter because it won't end!

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