Need Warlock *Inexorable* 10man progres

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*Inexorable* 10 man semi-hardcore raiding progression guild in need of a Warlock for a full time core position on our roster to complete the team.
Must be already around 450'ish item level, expecting you to be fully geared 462+ before Oct. 9th (our first raid night).

We're a laid back friendly guild of raiders who have been raiding together for almost 2 years now. Our warlock has some life issues and cannot join us for Pandaria.

What we are looking for in members is their willingness to commit and considers themselves to be competitive while still maintaining a family like atmosphere. Having healthy relationships with your fellow raiders is very important to us. We are not looking for people who are stuck up, rude and not open minded. We love to have fun and raid, while keeping our serious faces on at the same time.

If you are a warlock that can make our raid times, are willing to transfer/faction change and want to raid with us, please add me on real id @

Server: Blackrock - Horde
Raid Times: tuesday, thursday, friday 6-9pm PST

I'll gladly answer any questions for you in game - only 1 day left until our first raid night, spot will be filled soon, claim it now.
bump, really need a shadow priest :(
shadow priests, give me a real id request!
Still need a shadow priest. free cookies!
only 2 days left. still got a spot
Need a warlock! Add me to real id for your spot
Still need a lock. Post here a reply or contact me in game real ID

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