Darkmoon Deck: Oxen

I realize this is the only trinket with an on use but why are there no stats at all on it? These cards are worthless because the trinket is just that, worthless.

Maybe reduce the on use and throw some stam on it?
The on-use is in line for trinkets of its ilvl, it's just missing any sort of passive stat bonus. I'm hoping it's just a bug and it will be fixed soon because with a nice fat lump of mastery it could be a perfectly good trinket.
Yeah I think it's time the break the chain of that in every expansion the tanking Darkmoon trinket is a complete joke :)
Agreed the trinket is complete garbage, it would be nice for tanks to get a decent DMF card for once. Like the OP said cut the CD down and add in some mastery and make it worth more than DE mats.
If you want to be really depressed, check out engineers' Phase Fingers glove tinker. 20.5k dodge click effect added to whatever stats your gloves+enchant already have.

This trinket has no stats except for an 8.8k dodge click effect.

Tinkers are a profession perk and these trinkets are BoE so it's apples and oranges. But the Relic of Niuzao is just awful beyond words.
Ox cards are what truly make Darkmoon cards a gamble. Nothing more depressing then make 4 straight ox's. Somebody at blizz has got a sick humor.
I understand the idea of making there some risk involved with making them but does it always have to be the tanks that get the short end of the stick with DMF trinkets?
I guess their reasoning might be tanks have very little competition for gear
Either do holy paladins but they still make plenty of Int plate for them it would be a pretty bad reason for them to pick on tanks; ya you guys don't have much loot competition in raids so were gonna make the tank DMF card complete garbage. Keep in mind alot of people using these may not have access or the ability to get raid quality gear so the lack of loot competition doesn't really hold. At least I hope that isn't the reason they chose to make the tank trinket so horribly worse than the other classes trinkets. I keep telling myself it has to be an over sight on their part and it will get hot fixed to make the card worth using.
my guess is they do it so you have to keep running instances.

anything to help DPS get done with 5mans makes ques shorter, anything that makes takes get done faster makes ques longer.

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