Pretty intense Modifier macro

UI and Macro
Heres the priority im hoping is possible

macro that
1. prowls in any form if not in combat and prowl is off cd
2. pounces @focus in stealth
3. Faerie fire @focus in bear
4. cyclone @focus in every other form
5. Faerie fires @focus if alt is held
6. entangling roots @focus if shift is held

Just a heads up prowl is off the gcd and usable in any form

Thx a lot in advance for any help, I've been trying to figure out how to do modifier macros for like 2 hours now =x
Macros can't make decisions based on whether spells are on or off cooldown, so #1 there isn't possible. What I would suggest is keeping prowl on a separate button, since the rest you can do with a macro:

/cast [@focus,stealth] pounce; [@focus,stance:1][@focus,mod:alt] faerie fire; [@focus,mod:shift] entangling roots; [@focus] cyclone

I may be off on the spell names, since I don't normally play druids - just taking them from what you wrote. For the pounce part, look for an addon that will help you see when it's off cooldown.

For the future, the things to remember about conditionals in macros:

[x][y] - fires if x OR y is true

[x,y] - fires if x AND y is true

Conditional priority is the order given, left to right. That means that if you want something to be a "default", it needs to come last.
Blah - just realized that I was unconsciously thinking in terms of your list order being a priority order, when it's not. Macro above won't work right. Try this instead:

/cast [@focus,mod:shift] entangling roots; [@focus,mod:alt] faerie fire; [@focus,stealth] pounce; [@focus,stance:1] faerie fire; [@focus] cyclone

(The change is needed because the prior version doesn't obey shift or alt all the time. Moving those conditions to first in line means they're checked first. It also might be possible to shorten this to:

/cast [@focus,mod:shift] entangling roots; [@focus,mod:alt][@focus,stance:1] faerie fire; [@focus,stealth] pounce; [@focus] cyclone

If it's never possible for you to be in stealth when you're in bear form, that will work okay. (Or if you can't pounce in bear form.))

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