[H] <Disturbed> 6/6 LF Ranged DPS

Disturbed - Horde
Server: Zul'Jin [PvE]
Raid Style: Casual 25 Player [Heroic]

Goal: Recruiting for Mists of Pandoria raiding

Loot System: Loot Council
Website: www.wearedisturbed.com

Raid Schedule
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM [EST]

Guild Progression

Our Zul'jin progression is as follows:

Current progression: 6/6 Vaults

Cataclysm DS & FL only:
8/8 Dragon Soul Heroic 25m
-US# 161 25m Heroic Madness.
-Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider completed 5/8/12.
6/7 Firelands Heroic 25
-Mount farming
-Glory of the Firelands Raider completed 10/25/11.


First and for most, the first tier of MoP for Disturbed will be dealt with casually. We plan to have fun this tier as we are not a hardcore guild. However, after the first tier we will go back to really pushing progression and hopefully ending up in the top 200 US like last time! I have no doubt we will not!

We place a great deal of emphasis on improvement in our raiding roster and in our raiders. The concession is that everyone can be better, and everyone should be better. If you simply do what you are told without any critical thinking on your part: we aren't the guild for you. The best raiders will raid, we are not looking to carry people. We use max consumables for all raid content and swapping specs for progression encounters is expected. You need to get everything you can out of your character without being directed to do so. If you have not improved since last weeks raid, you are doing it wrong. We are looking for problem solvers who can see themselves as part of the greater whole. Active participation for the betterment of yourself and the raid is expected. We are not looking for raid loggers - we want players who are willing to join a community, not a RaidID.

We are a casual raiding guild. We raid three nights a week during progression, no more or less. By no means does that mean we allow our core roster to show up when then deem fit. We all agree three nights a week works well for us and doesn't hurt social lives or other plans we have! In conclusion we expect everyone who apps to be dedicated to those three nights.

About You

- Fundamental and up to date understanding of your class.
- Excellent raid awareness and the ability to learn from mistakes without repeated coaching.
- Solid raiding experience through out Cata, including time relevant kills within heroic content.
- Willingness to progress through MoP
- Ability to use and check the forums frequently.
- Great attitude and respect for fellow guildmates and officers.
- The ability to make a joke, the ability to take a joke.
- Ventrilo and ideally a microphone, we have one mute no need for any more.

Current Needs

Ranged DPS
Healers - Only exceptional healers are being considered currently.
Disc Priest
Holy Paladin


Feel free talk to myself in game via letter or if I'm on, by all means toss me a PM. You can also visit us at our website listed below. 84% of the people in my guild are friendly and would be more then happy to answer or direct your question to me or an officer.

GM/Raid Leader - Otos [Real ID - Noisel3ss@gmail.com]
Raid Leader - Pazuzzu
Officers - Sbholy, Corleggy, Telion & Drfruitpunch
Recruitment Officer - Berkwa
still need ranged deeps!!
Need more deeps!
Still looking for ranged dps, and a Brewmaster or DK tank, hit me up Berkwa#1321 if you have any questions
6/6 !!
Bump 6/6, new week, starting heroics!
Just as an update... we're now 1/6[H] MSV 4/6 HoF and...we're looking for exceptional DPS of all types as well as a healer or two (viable offspec would be ideal)

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