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When loading into the world (PLAYER_LOGIN) it seems the pet battle information is not loaded until the Pet Journal is opened or a player enters a pet battle. Is there a way to force the Journal to update before the window is opened?

I even tried to programmatically open the journal and it doesn't appear to work (ShowUIPanel(PetJournalParent) does nothing and PetJournalParent:Show() fires an error with PetJournalParent being nil until it's been opened once with the button on screen). I am at a loss here. I want to have the information of the three pets that I have on my team available upon login but I can't access that information until the window is opened or I enter a battle.
The Pet Journal is Load on Demand, meaning it doesn't get loaded until you try to open it from the micro menu. You can list it as a dependency in your AddOn's TOC if you want to make sure it's loaded before your AddOn.

## Title: My AddOn
## Interface: 50001
## Dependencies: Blizzard_PetJournal


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