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Level 90 Holy Paladin looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild to call my new home. I want to see as much content as possible, and have fun while in the process. I am also looking for the guild to be active, not just have "raid loggers". I would prefer a 25 man guild, but am not opposed to joining a 10 man guild. The times I'm available are from 6:30AM-11AM EST (3:30AM-8AM PST, 8:30PM-1:00AM AEST), Monday to Friday.

I am a hardworking and dedicated raider, with exceptional attendance. I have been raiding, on this character, since BC. I also like to participate in other guild activities (dungeons, scenarios, even some pvp).

If you'd like to ask any questions, my battletag is ellyssium#1197 (usually can find me on early am EST/PST and evening/night AEST).
Hey there Ellyssium,

Connection is looking for dedicated, mature and reliable raiders to be apart of the core 10 man team. Being apart of a core team involves 100% commitment and availability as we do NOT recruit to bench players. We are on Dath'Remar, Alliance.

We are looking for a Paladin (we don't have a single one in our team!)

Raid Schedule:
Note: All times listed are based on server time.

Thursday 8:30-11:00PM
Sunday 8:30-11:00PM
Monday 8:30-11:00PM

If this interests you, you can contact me directly in-game via BattleTag - Belacv#6196 or drop in an application on our website: www.connectionus.shivtr.com

Oceanic Guild Recruitment thread:

Good luck!
Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established guild in Dreadmaul. One group is raiding 11.30pm to 2.30am Server Time (should be 9.30am to 12.30pm US EST) on Wed, Thu and Mon. If you find the above suit your situation, please contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com
Why tempt fate on cho'gall US is looking for more core healers. We're a 25m harde mode team that's been around for a very long time. Contact any officer in game or go to our site at www.whytemptfate.com.

Still searching for a new place to call home. Didn't realize about the daylight savings time in australia being a month ahead of canada's, so at the moment 9pm AEST time is the earliest for me
A Feast for Crows is a +10 GMT guild and we are looking for a Holy paladin for our 10man raid team, currently nothing down but hope to progress quickly through normals and get into heroics. We are on Jubei'thos.

raid times~
Thursday 7:00pm ST - 11:00pm ST
Saturday 7:00pm ST - 11:00pm ST

-As a raider you are required to have 100% attendance.
-All members are treated the same.
-you need to be able to show up 15minutes before raid and be at the raid to start pulling the first trash pack at 7 Sharp
-must be competitive and willing to win max where ever

If you are interested please add me on Michael#11705 or you can contact me at Apoc1795@gmail.com

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