Glyph of Animal Bond with Spirit bond

Does the glyph of animal bond increase spirit bond healing?

I'd imagine probably not since that'd be pretty powerful but im curious to know
Yes. It increases from 2% every 2 seconds to 2.2% every 2 seconds.
Works better with exhilaration.
10/06/2012 12:52 PMPosted by Xarc
Works better with exhilaration.

Shameless personal preference plug.
Meanwhile, it's pretty useless with Iron Hawk.
In raids, it works well with iron hawk since healers have to heal 15% less damage and get a 10% boost as well. I've had some close calls with raid mechanics that 15% more damage would have led to me being scraped off the walls.
Another reason why I'm going to spec spirit bond. Always a fan of health regeneration.
Meanwhile, it's pretty useless with Iron Hawk.

10% more healing received is incredibly good and easily a top glyph option for PvE.
You know why we even have this as a glyph beats me. It should be baseline for hunters as every hunter who is smart will use it in a raiding or PVP environment. Kind of like the whole glyph of marking. It just makes sense.
I like using Iron Hawk and Animal Bond for raiding.

I'm using Spirit Bond for bone farming though. It helps noticeably.

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