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Veyalia tore Ixsiel away from Ecrulis, "he is fighting off Sha possession, the only thing we can do is wait, he's strong I know he'll pull through, now pull yourself together." She couldn't show any doubt or fear, she had to be strong.
Locked in a stalemate with the sha Ecrulis' energy was draining, the army of undead he summoned had been slain all that remained was the sha of doubt and himself.

I have to clear my mind of all doubt, this creature feeds off me, if I can starve it I can win

Ecrulis concentrated, flooded his mind with thoughts of his sister and wife, washed away all doubt, out of nowhere a claw pierced his left shoulder and Ecrulis cried out in pain. "You cannot resist me little blood elf, I will consume all of you". the sha boomed as he raised the Death Knight into the air.

"I..will not...let you..have them," with that Ecrulis screamed in pain as he twisted out of the sha's grip raised his sword and sank it hilt deep into the sha.

"You arrogant infuriating little creature, you have accomplished nothing! you merely give me the chance to annihliate those you wish to protect in person, and you will be powerless to stop it." The sha screamed as its body twitched, The world around him turned a blinding white, as Ecrulis opened his eyes he realized he was back in the tavern, with Ixsiel and Veyalia standing over him, gasping for air Ecrulis stumbled around and sank to his knees, he turned to Veyalia grabbing her by the arm "It's coming...kill it...quick...protect..her" mustering all his strength to point at Ixsiel Ecrulis blacked out and collapsed to the floor.
"What did he..." before she could finish a pool of white energy seeped off Ecrulis' limp body and pooled at the ground and grew bigger until its size breached outside the Inn, the sky turned black as a geyser of the energy spewed forth outside the Tavern revealing the physical manifestation of the sha as the spirit inside the inn dissipated.

"I will destroy you all!" the voice boomed

"Oh hell, Ixsiel stay with him and try and heal him, everyone else outside, now!" The patrons of the inn ran outside and readied themselves for battle against the Sha.

((alright not sure when ill get to post next so have fun :) ))
Kalipsia was one of the first out the door, both blades in hand. The warrior had almost no color to her body anymore as she charged at the massive Sha creature. The first action she took was to slam her body against the monster with all the force she could, a move she had used many times before to stun her foes at the start of a fight. After the charge she hacked at the body of the physical manifestation, her strikes easily capable of tearing through flesh and steel due to the weight and razor-sharp edges of her two-handed swords.

As she struck the monster her fury only grew. The dark energies continued to ooze from her body and solidify on her armor. She began to resemble the Sha she was fighting. Each strike fueled her rage, and increased the speed of her attacks. The worgen was starting to lose herself in the heat of battle, but she didn't care any more. Her mind still placed the face of her former prince on the beast before her as her good eye clouded over to become grey.

Lost in the fury of battle, and with the thought of revenge fueling her, Kalipsia continued carving into the Sha with no remorse or hesitation.
Back in the tavern Ixsiel ran to her husbands side cradling him "I can't lose you again not this quickly I'm sorry I know this will hurt but I have no choice." Ixsiel began concentrating on all the healing magic she new and focusing it on the death knight's body. The holy magic sizzled as it connected with the Undead body.
A few minutes later, Styvan jolted up again, feeling dizzy, "I gotta stop doin that to myself," he muttered, vigorously shaking his head like someone poured water on him. He saw the commotion still going on and even though he wasnt a coward, he knew when to back away from a fight. Especially ones where the enemy liked to wreak havoc with the mind, and as much as he wanted to help, his mind had already been compromised, and he didnt want it to have it happen to him again. Grabbing his things, he rushed out yelling "May the Holy Light bless you all!" and cleansing everyone he could get to, before his mind was compromised again.
Neltriz walked through the Wastes. He had recently come from the front lines of battle with the mantid, but had moved around their lines to attempt an attack from the rear. However, he ended up running into a mantid scout patrol and barely escaped alive. He had killed two of the attackers and incapacitated two more, yet he left the battle weary and injured. As Neltriz staggered towards a sound of voices, he saw a massive funnel of sha energy from the direction of the noise. After quick decision making, he performed some healing magic on himself and kept his course towards the sha.
Dan checked on the worgen priest, still unconscious. Perhaps that was for the better and he needed his rest. Dan had stood vigilant over the body while various patrons made aggressive advances upon it. Sha-possessed or not, his looming debt could not be voided for any reason. After the Sha had left the priest, he seemed to calm down. These psychological foes bothered Dan and made him worry. Everyone has baggage, he thought.

It was then the friendly Worgen female he may have lost track of in the bar ((although last I checked I was talking to you, Kalipsia, not the blood elves in my last post)) darted out the door to assault the physically manifested Sha.

"...Heh." Dan readied his weapons and walked out the door. It was then he saw a tendril creeping around to overtake this blood-crazed wolfwoman. "Two birds, one stone," he thought to himself.
Dan charged the slicing worgen and positioned himself in her place for the blow from the tendril, intervening its intended strike. He blocked the tendril with the tip of his shield, moving to throw it off-balance and strike it with his nether-crystal axe.
Looking down at the loosened worgen female, he said, "I understand the fury of battle. However, this is neither the time nor the place to allow yourself to LET GO. It may cost you your life. And you're a little too graceful to die so young. Heh." It was at that point Dan took a lashing from the saw to his chest, somehow managing to bypass it and strike straight into Dan's flesh with burning agony.
Veyalia's body began to glow with a subtle purple, it grew more and more visable as her body transformed first her legs became hooves, she grew a few feet dark purple wings grew out of back, her eyes changed to a bright purple and horns grew out of her head, fully transfomed she sent the wrathguard charging at the tendril that just attacked the large warrior, with a few cleaves the tendril had been severed; Veyalia tossed a small green stone towards the tauren and nodded, "thanks, she would have gotten herself killed" her voice twisted by the demonic magics.

A cadre of small imps began appearing and casting fireballs, finally with some concentration Veyalia summoned the terrorguard who began hurling demonic magic at the creature. Veyalia's body began to errupt into a ring of flame as she used her wings to propel herself towards the Sha and began calling the shadows themselves to crash down upon her enemy.

I have to keep a clear head was her only thought as she attacked the sha.
Back in the inn Ixsiel concentrated all the energy she had on trying to heal her husband, The Death Knight's pain was written on his face, though Ecrulis was unconscious Ixsiel knew how painful holy magic was to a Death Knight; she was putting her husband through an immense amount of pain but it was her only chance, "Im sorry, Im so sorry, but I won't lose you again." with that she closed her eyes and continued concentrating.
As Neltriz neared the battle, he could feel the sha of doubt attempting to pry into his mind. He came to an outcrop above the battle, and as the attempted mental attacks continued, he nearly smiled. "You attempt to seek something I have to lose by this battle demon," Neltriz muttered. "Well surprise, you won't find much. My parents were killed long ago, my brother slain by the Forsaken. My homeland was also destroyed by the same creatures. You see, I have nothing to lose. On top of this, I spent the better part of a year building my confidence, so I figure I can go the next five minutes without you being able to use me. However, with the onslaught from the inn patrons, can you hold out that long?" Neltriz finished as he leaped into the battle below.
Ecrulis' eyes fluttered open, above him Ixsiel had her eyes closed, focusing all her energy on the healing, the battle with the sha in his mind brought him to death's doorstep but the familiar sting of holy magic had brought him back. The Death Knight reached up and touched his wife's cheek, "thats good enough, you did great". with the healing magic stopped Ecrulis reached for his sword, as he grabbed the hilt the runes lit up with a familiar glow, concentrating one of the runes on the sword went dark and Ecrulis felt a portion of his strength return to him and he struggled to his feet, "Ixsiel, I need you to help me to the door." Ixsiel nodded and propped her husband up under his shoulder.

As the door swung open Ecrulis raised his hand to the ground as a bolt of unholy energy sprang forth, a ghoul not moments later clawed its way above ground. Closing his eyes Ecrulis concentrated and his body was enveloped by a dull green aura as the ghoul collapsed to the ground. Standing on his own Ecrulis turned to his wife and kissed her, "Keep yourself safe, I'll be back I promise." With that Ecrulis stepped out to see the various patrons battling the sha.

"YOU!!!" the Sha's voice boomed, "It's not possible, I left you on the brink of death!". The Death Knight smiled as he gripped his greatsword, the runes lighting up bright crimson while cold whinds whipped themselves around the blade.

Ecrulis cackled "so it seems my plan worked, and your pitiful existence will soon come to an end".

"I will break you worm!, and you will watch as I devour everything you love!" the sha's fury made each word feel like a gust of wind, Ecrulis peered at the sha and lifted his runeblade as he charged the creature.

Now I kill you for real
It had already been a minute past what Neltriz estimated he could hold out for, yet the sha's attention was focused on a Death Knight running from the inn. The sha seemed to have a debt to settle with the Blood elf, and focused nearly completely on the risen champion as the rest of the patrons kept weakening the demon from the sidelines.
Veyalia was surprised, to say the least, that her brother came charging out of the Inn, even more that he commanded so much of the Sha's attention.

He always did know how to get anything furious

She took the opportunity to concentrate on a large blast of fire, focusing the immolation covering her body into her hands, she hurled two massive balls of fire at the center of the sha, the screech it made told her it hurt, she smiled.
((My apologies, Dan. I was under the impression that your character was more focused on the blood elves after the insults had been thrown around. That and I don't recall you saying that he actually returned to the table Kalipsia had been at.))

The familiar voice of the tauren brought the worgen's mind back to her as she turned to face him. The remnants of Sha energies were quite obvious on her body as more of the black substance oozed out to cover her left arm with spikes. Her voice echoed with darkness, and her eyes began to shift to the dark color of the Sha itself, "I have no fear of death. Everything is constant bloodshed! He even killed them! I SAW THE BODIES! GGGRRRAAAWWRR!!" She roared loudly as the Sha moved forward and threw the sword from her left hand up into the throat of the beast, making the blade stick deep in the flesh.

As the black materials continued to flow from her body, it coated the empty hand until her arm was solidified in a wicked curved blade. When she spoke again, she stared down at the blade, "If you want to survive, look out for yourself. I can try to draw any attention from you, but I can't promise anything. Some others inside could help heal you more."
Ecrulis smiled as he saw the blast of fire connected with the Sha, as the fight raged on Ecrulis finally saw his chance, The sha brought its massive claw down in the Death Knight's direction; Ecrulis jumped out of the way and landed on the Sha's limb, furious the creature yanked its claw up sending Ecrulis flying into the air, he readied his greatsword and as he he fell towards the ground sank the runeblade into the Sha's head to the hilt. The Death Knight fell to the ground

The Sha doubled over, the sword still impaling the creature's head, white energy began pouring out if it's mouth, "N..noo.. this cannot be!" the voice boomed, now broken, between coughs, the sha's sickening screeches grew louder as parts of the creature began breaking apart and pooling on the ground as white energy until all that was left was the runeblade lying in the middle of the ground.

Ecrulis grabbed the blade and sheathed it on his back.

((sorry if this is too unrealistic ill delete it))
Upon seeing the battle was ended, Neltriz decided to look at the interior of the inn. He walked over to the counter and told the pandaren who seemed to be running the bar, "One glass of non-alcoholic apple cider if you have it. If not I'll have whatever he's having," he finished, gesturing towards the nearest random inn patron.
Ixsiel ran up and wrapped her arms around Ecrulis as he walked back through the door, "Thank the light your ok." She kissed her husbands cheek as they sat back down at their table.

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