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Working on my second Druid, and Swift Flight Form is no longer learned from trainer like it used to be... where do I learn it now? I grabbed the only Druid quest I saw from Stormwind and it just sent me to Moonglade to do the staff and helmet quest. How do i get mah burdie? :(

OH! and yes i have already learned max flying
When i got the quest it was from the druid trainer in moonglade(near the moonewell), however it will not show up until you train the 280% flying. This was back in BC before it was ever available on a trainer(witch i don't think it should have ever been). Hope this helps
The flight trainer teaches you it methinks.
Ooooh thanks ill go back and see if i can learn it from her now. if not does anyone else have any ideas? im sure its not a quest as i've now completed all available druid quests
The flight trainer will train swift flight form after regular flying is high enough.
Flight trainer. Just picked it up there yesterday.
It has to be the flight trainer in the faction city, though. I tried training in Pandaria and no luck. Had to go to Stormwind.

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