[A] Bill Clinton The Guild | LFM for 10m Raid

Bill Clinton the Guild is a new transfer guild that arrived on Stormrage about a week ago. Led by two formally retired raiders, we're looking to expand our ranks and fill slots needed to form a 10 man team.

Gear and past experience don't matter to us, we're looking for players with a drive to succeed and the want to learn as a team. We're willing to teach if you will commit. We're not elitist !@# holes, we won't call you bad and kick you out (We will however offer some tips and constructive criticism, which hopefully will help you improve so you don't need to be kicked out at a future time), we're here to have fun, kill content and grow as a guild.

If you're interested feel free to send me a PM in game and we can chat over vent or in game so you can get a feel for the guild.

Current Recruitment Needs:
-1 Tank
-Melee and Ranged Dps

We're also looking for players interested in casually raiding old content for achieves, mounts and titles!

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