Nerf heals by 50% in battlegrounds.

This is out of control. Doing about 60k dps in frost spec I STILL find it hard to down one priest, or someone who's getting healed.

Incoming "kill yourself" "lol ur a dk dont complain" "get better den"
I know disc doesn't exist anymore in pvp but if you see one you can kill him in about 10 seconds. Vs a geared shaman, pally, druid, you will need lots of help.
Wait, you can't kill a disc priest ? HAHAHAHAHA
You have to focus/cc them, which is the way it should be. Several bad DPS all on different targets =/= OP heals.
DPS is out of control not healing, you are just doing it wrong.
Blizzard already stated they wanted pvp encounters to be a battle not a faceroll 1v1.
Definitely a troll.

Look at his gear. No wonder you can't kill anything. And you sure as hell are not pulling 60k dps
He said he finds it hard to down "a priest", not a disc priest. He's probably referring to shadow, since it feels like there's little difference between the two. LOL.
So ya'll think 4 dps classes trying to dps down a tree druid is totally ok?

This game needs more 1 shot macros if anything.
So ya'll think 4 retarded dps classes trying to dps down a tree druid is totally ok?

10/07/2012 08:45 AMPosted by Excellencex
Wait, you can't kill a disc priest ? HAHAHAHAHA
I love how people complain because with their spec and choice they can't easily faceroll someone else who chose to be a healer. Why should it be easy for you to get what you want in PvP? If someone cares enough to be a healer (I know I spend all my time in PvP as one) they shouldn't be punished because crybabies like you don't get your way.

If you are 1v1 it shouldn't be easy to take down a healer, that is the point.

I have gotten ripped a new one by DPS that knew what they were doing. Emphasis on "KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING."
Are you out of your kitten mind??!

My resto druid has died in 2.4 seconds to a warrior. He's died in even less to a BM hunter!

Any two DPS with more brain cells than fingers can take down a healer. Hit one stun followed by one silence, and they fall over.

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