Need some help with new totem system

so im a little confused with the new system. can some one help me out what totems should i be using and when i think i have it down but im not sure?
The previous totem system had us quick-dropping buff sticks. This was a HORRIBLE mechanic based on a bad band-aid fix. So Blizz removed all the buff totems and replaced them with passive benefits.

So the old totem system of quick-dropping is no longer needed. Therefore you do not need to drop several totems anymore. You can, but you don't have to.
Now, your only totems are specific CDs... except Searing which should consistently be used for DPS in conjunction with Fire ele.

In your spell book Blizz has rearranged the totems into four different pull-out menus. This is still quite clunky and doesn't need to be utilized. Simply open the menu and drag your preferred totems onto your bar.

As far as which totems to use and when? Well, simply read the CDs and see which best apply to the given situation.

For example: As resto you can use your HST nearly every single pull, and many times per boss fight. You can use your HTT as a major heal CD if you chose that talent.

No more dropping multiple stat sticks. Now it's calculated CD use... except for searing...
ok thanks for the help

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