Am I wasting time with Shaman right now?

So I'm starting to wonder if I made a mistake. I shelved my hunter to play Shaman this expansion. I really want to try pvp, as I have never played pvp before. So, I'm visiting the forums today to read up on pvp, and every thread I read makes my heart sink.

Ele is my favorite spec. I like how it plays when questing and in dungeons. It's fun and seems to flow well. I tried Enh and I hate it. I feel like I'm always waiting on a's just clunky. I do like healing, but I'm not that excited about healing in Pvp; maybe I'll change my mind about that in time.

After reading all the threads on pvp, it seems my only option in pvp is to heal? I have not seen one positive comment about Ele pvp, and even the Enh players are not happy, although it looks like with Enh you can at least kill something?

Should I just not worry myself with all the forum QQ and play Ele because that's what I like? Or am I going to get deep into pvp gearing and realize I made a mistake and should have stuck with my hunter this season?

I just hit 90, so if this is going to be an exercise in frustration, I'll park this character and work on getting my hunter to 90. Then I can at least have a shammy hanging around to heal with when I'm bored with my hunter.
Don't listen to everyone on these forums. Most are here to cry they are not in God Mode.
PvP is fun as elemental BUT yes you will die... A lot.. Grab all the PvP gear you can and sit back and nuke stuff.. Death is just part of it.

As you get more PvP gear you will stay alive longer. Also want to let you know that RBGS is where you are going to shine the most as it's more Organized.

Again, Stay in a group of people and sit in the back to nuke folks. Get all the PvP gear you can.

Hope this helps.
Elemental is good if no body see's you dps'ing.

Spriest/mages are good even is people see you.
Hunters are pretty strong in PvP OP. Not telling you to not play ele (because ele seems to be more than decent right now in pvp), but a hunter is pretty hard to kill solo, and they definitely have more defensive CDs then shamans do.

And yeah dont worry about all the complaining you see on forums. Thats basically what people do on forums. Try it for yourself, and dont be discouraged until you have a decent amount of gear. Until you have enough Resilience and PvP power, you will die easy and do severely mitigated damage.

It takes a while but you will enjoy the rewards.

Edit: Also remember, its entirely a learning process. Take your time and be patient. It doesn't matter what class you play, they will all take practice to become good at.
Thanks for the replies. I just don't get a lot of time to play, so I focus on one toon at a time. I usually am pretty good at ignoring the QQ and doing my own thing, but the forums had me worried that I picked the wrong time to abandon my main for another.
I don't know what it's like at full gear, but I'm seeing a lot of problems with the class right now that have nothing to do with gear. If I had a hunter, I would sure as heck be playing that.
People underate enh alot, once u get gear you do decent, currently ictop dmg in bgs or atleast top 5 and come in 2nd or 3rd in healing.

And for arena ive seen enh do MASIVE dmg and coupled with purge we !@#$ on any class or spec that relies on buffs.

Keep in mind tho enh seams like a harder spec to play than ele so if your notcommited than idont suggest playing it.

(Ps the arena team i was watching was a rsham, enh sham and a fmage.)
I just don't find enh fun at all. I tried it for several weeks in dungeons and questing and hated it.
Play what you like. I leveled to 80 Enhance and PVPed that way. In Cata I went Elemental for a change and almost looked back.. then changed my mind. Elemental is by far more fun overall in PVP for me.
Now I have to agree that we need gear to be effective and I know I will have to go through a couple weeks of being pwned by everyone. Once you get into the swing you will find the targets that are best for you. Though those targets will not be Mage/Priest, they are OP currently and I attribute that to extremely awesome defensive cooldowns and a non-interrupt silence. If it wasn't for Silence I would have taken out my fair share of mages. Shadow Priests are just to well built to take on elemental shammies right now.
Yep. Play what you like. You're a fantastic utility spec with strong sustained damage and high proc burst. The downside, of course, is you have no real defense other than taking longer to kill than other casters. In a bad team, you can't make a difference except situationally, but your importance increases together with the skill of your team.

I wouldn't recommend Elemental for arenas of less than 5. In 5s your job would be to purge and wind shear the hell out of the other team. If your team is good, they'll cover you. If you're good, you'll position yourself so as to allow your team to do so. You wouldn't even need to stop doing damage. Just include glyphed Purge in your rotation. It's miraculous. Try it out.

And remember: in BGs, you're The AoE Damage God, right there with Feral druids. Earthquake + Chain Lightning correctly talented and glyphed means you will easily put a strain on enemy healers. 1 or 2 fellow Elementals with you will bring hell upon any team. More than that will turn any patch of ground into an instant death zone. Used correctly, it means a victory. Done that once at the door/ramp Frostwolf choke in AV. 3 Eles, 1 Frost mage to slow and 1 BM hunter (who didn't contribute much to the AoE, but finished faster the few pallies who got their heads out of that door). It was sweet.

Last words? Mastery. Mastery. Mastery. :)
I played elem in entire cataclysm @ 2k range.

They didn't change & improve elem as much as they should have.

Unless you LOVE playing gimmicky glass cannon class, don't play elem. It is not that viable in arena.

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