after restart login screen stuck

Bug Report
This quick server restart i get to my login screen and login and it stays at "connected" and doesn't go passed that point anyone else having troubles been 40 minutes now ....
yeah there are close to a hundred posts ive seen on it no blue response...
Almost an hour and still cannot connect, still stuck at login screen sigh.....
Same here. Server status said it's up but I can't connect.
i know how you feel i've got 2 hours until i have to leave for work and have barely started my dailies, looks like i lose a day
whole house stuck after restart. The kids are getting loud.
Where the blues at??
its the typical response form blizz ...pretend nothing is wrong for a couple of hours then make a post that they are working on it. you guys must be new here
... and we will never be refound for all those down times. :(
Same issue here; stuck on 'connecting'. At least I know it's not just me.
Last week when this same "connecting" problem happened the blue post said to just hang out there for 3 to 5 minutes and you'd eventually get logged in. That worked last week. I've tried the same thing today and 5-10 minutes waiting at "connecting" has yet to log in. Thought I'd stop by here and see if there was a blue post advising a different course of action.
Same connecting issues here >.< I'm not sure whether to leave it "Trying" or just keep retyping my password...

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