Still can't connect

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Why do we pay for a game we can't play?
Good point, unsubscribe.
Because when we can play it's fun.
go play SWTOR
long I'm not the only one
Watson, you're a genius.
this is ridiculous ugh :(
^ what he said
I'm playing and typing this at the same time! U SAD BRO!
Wow, It finally connected me after waiting for about 15min
SWTOR is dead. Blizzard needs to step up, or the Guild Wars2 will it buried under.
If all they are doing is restarting, then why is it taking more than just a couple minutes? Servers have been down almost an hour for a "restart".
It's the end of the world as we know it. Ooked in the dooker indeed.
still cant connect
you should quit. because you are right, you probably cant play.
I can't believe people are serious complaining already.. Why do you complain I don't understand? Because you have to leave your computer screen for an hour or so? Do you have a job? What happens when you have to leave to go to your work, do you cry yourself to sleep? I mean cmon dude haha.. It's just a hour or so can't you clean your room or something?
Still can't connect after 10 minutes of "stuck at connecting" screen.

I guess Blizz knows I have a test on Tuesday o.o



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