Should I level My Warrior?

So I heard all these babies crying about how warriors being all OP and crap, well let me ask you warriors. Is this true?
No we're not a flavor of the month move along and play ur panda.
I have nearly one-shotted (100% - 0%) people who've entered Battlegrounds fresh from level 90 with greens from questing and zero resilience, yes. This was with Colossus Smash, Beserker Rage, and Avatar/Trinket/Proc Trinket/Buffs/BS/Skull Ban up. CS requires a GCD so it's not a true one-shot.

But honestly? I have full PvP gear. That's to be expected, as I can only line all of that up once every three minutes against a target who just wasn't really prepared to defend against it.

On the flip side, I've done 50-70k Dragon Roars with the same set up against people in Resilience gear, which seems a lot more balanced to me for a 3 minute CD rotation on someone with a 320k healthpool.

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