Dalaran pls.

I really miss dalaran, left right before ulduar came out :(
Or does the server miss you. and is trying to lure you back into this !@#$hole with nostalgia.
You all suck.
No I don't 1/6 heroic MSV :)
I got into Dalaran yesterday & have been in all the buildings except the Horde ones-they are so touchy! I flew out & under the city & only found a white tree & an overweight dragon. What else is there to do here?
They put the wrong toon. The one in Dalaran is a night elf, level 69.
Not much changed here. Dalaran will always be Dalaran. CMR on top and !@#$ing %^-* up.
Dolaran pls
Oh man that's probably one of the most original panda-monk names I could have ever heard.
lol i ur mom caled last nite y because i fkt her lol "satnd back let me suk ur things i am such more glory hole guardian" ---u


Also kittens, cuz why the !@#$ not

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