Metamorphosis Wand shoot animation bug.

Bug Report
While in Metamorphosis there is a ranged auto attack which isn't a problem assuming you're using a staff or a dagger but for some reason, when you use a wand, something causes it to do the ranged shoot animation (I've heard it may be the undead racial "Touch of the Grave").

This is a problem because not only does it add a 1.5 GCD, it also prevents all casting during the animation while in Meta (ie. Soulfire).

This is a huge dps lose for us Demo locks and is anything going to be done about this soon?

I don't look forward to getting the wand from Elegon and not being able to use it because of this.

Shameless self bump

I would really like to see this be addressed.
This bug makes it essentially impossible for a warlock to play demo with a wand. And because our best weapon available for months is a wand...this needs to be addressed ASAP.
Ghostcrawler posted on Twitter today that he is going to look into Demo wands :D

It is not fun dancing while using Touch of Chaos to avoid the wand interrupt.
Is this still being looked into? I noticed on the hotfix thread they fixed an issue with 'shoot' for our tanking glyph but the problem still plagues the main spec. Meta melee is 5% of my overall damage on any given fight and it has the ability to proc stormlash from the shaman totem. I am unable to use my Elegon wand(489) over a 463 dagger because the dps loss is just too great while playing demo. Please get this fixed soon.

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