[H] <Average Joes> 5/6 Heroic 25

Bleeding Hollow
Average Joes is a 25 man raiding guild on the horde side of the server Bleeding Hollow (US). We are looking for a few players to complete our core progression group. We are currently 5/16 H 16/16 normal man, we are looking for to fill a few core positions for our 25 man group.

When we raid:
-Our current raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-10:30pm EST

What we have to offer:
-Average Joes provides a raid environment that stresses the importance of group work. It takes all 25 players to pay attention and focus, and do their part to downing each and every boss. We take pride in what we do, and we do it effectively.

What we expect:
-We expect that you are joining this guild with a want to raid. We should not have to beg you for something to be done. We expect that you will have vent installed, along with a working microphone so that you can be a part of the group effort. Knowing your class is also expected of you, having the proper gems and enchants on your gear so that you can perform to the highest of your potential. You should be online ready to accept your raid invite 15 minutes prior to raid as well as be outside the raid instance.

If this is something that you'd be interested in joining, please apply to our website at ajbh.enjin.com. If you have any further questions, and can't find your answers on the site, feel free to log over and ask any of our officers below. They will be glad to help you.

Death Knight- High
Druid- Medium
Mage- Low
Paladin- High (Prot/Holy)
Priest- Low
Rogue- Low
Shaman- Low
Monk- High (WW/Mistweaver)
Warlock- High
Warrior- High (DPS)

Subst - Sprish07 at gmail.com
Bump core positions DPS and Heals (druid, shaman, monk)
Bump core positions DPS and Heals
6/6 25M MSV 2/6 HoF Gar at 2%. Currently need more melee DPS and monk heals.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to inquire.
Still seeking wrecking ball melee.
Bump core positions DPS and Heals
Seeking Monk, Druid, or H Paladin healer.

Melee is mostly filled, but we can still use an EXCEPTIONAL ret paladin.
Seeking Monk, Druid, or H Paladin healer.

Melee is mostly filled, but we can still use an EXCEPTIONAL ret paladin.

We have formed a 10M group in addition to our 25M group that will be running weekly. If 10M raiding is more your style feel free to inquire.
bump warlocks!
Bump ^^
Kal, I know you're trying to warn people of the GuildMaster's obscenely bad temper, but you're gonna make it look like I'm trying to defame the guild.

Let the new recruits see for themselves. bump :)
Subs can you tell me who this guy is?


P.S: 2:09 - 6:36 best part

Free bump...this recording is great, but I actually agree with the guy (I know who it is, but shall not name...and disclaimer, my toon name is similar but we are in no way related), I have raided with him before, and he has zero tolerance for herp derps who are going to waist everybody else's time by not being prepared, hell I've been in guilds that are just the opposite, ie: raid time starts @ 7:00, but only half the frakin group is on, and then as they slowly login we are already a half hour late to start raid, and THEN ppl aren't prepared with consumables or need to "go watch the vid, even though this is progression night and I have had ALL DAY to watch a 10 min vid/read strat", etc...and NOTHING is done about it by GM/Officers. Hell, I wish the NFL Lions would hire him for the HC position...
You can say who I am. I could care to be honest. Our guild is progressing, closing in on second horde side for 25 man content. If I am such a bad GM explain to me why thats happening?

Blasco wasnt kicked for killing the rare, He was kicked for several reasons, First of which he wasnt up to speed with the guild. He couldnt undertand the fights as a tank and WOULDNT speak to the other tank. We were trying to find a way to let him go without it being a bad good bye.

Secondly, He had some weird on going E-girlfriend who was let go from the guild, she was under age and caused drama. He was not a minor, as an adult it seemed like a bad idea to keep either one.

Lastly, The rare spawn was why I kicked him, but not for what he said. He I am killing a mob and a guildie is watching me rather than helping me. If I stumbled up on a guildie killing ANY mob, I would help. Guess why he didnt? He had is under aged lover with him.

RAWSHU is pro, wish I had room for him. For the rest of you reading this, I am a stickler to the rules and not wasting peoples time. If thats the enviroment your looking for, great, if not go play for Blasco.
You are way above average, don't sell yourself short
Bump warlocks, dps DKs and dps Warr!!
Dishonesty trickles easily from your lips, doesn't it Raw?
Yes it does. It came in the form of telling you that your performance was good enough to raid here. Sorry, I lied.

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