When I trained alchemy...

When I bought the Zen Alchemy training I didn't learn the two recipes for

Master Healing Potion or Alchemist's Rejuvenation

Is this a bug? I can't find them in my book and they aren't at the trainer...


Logging in and out fixed it... weird =/
I don't know if it was logging that fixed it, on my alchemy alt the new mists potions didn't show up at the top of the list.
I have this same issue but relogging didn't fix it. I submitted a ticket and it was escalated. This not very helpful GM linked me the various fan site web links and nothing since. It just seems so very bizarre. Any ideas would be great.
Log in and out.

At account character screen, disable all addons. Then get back in the game and see if they show up.

At the top, when viewing recipes, toggle on/off/unavailible, already known, etc.

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