To all complaining about their WW monk dps

Spinning crane kick is NOT the only ability you have. It may look cool and be fun to play around with, but you are not going to hit the high numbers by just spamming this move. I didn't understand why people were complaining so much about their DPS until I dungeoned with some of them. From what I have seen, most of you don't seem to realize that you have abilities besides spinning crane kick at your disposal. I have gone into dungeons where there is another dps monk in the group, and he uses NOTHING BUT SCK. (no joke). I'm not trying to brag, but I have absolutely no trouble getting top dps in EVERY dungeon.

Tl;DR: Spinning crane kick will not help your dps if it is all you use.
Most bad monks dont realize that throwing a 2 chi generation skill (expel harm) and throwing a Rising Sun Kick just before they start SCK means 10% more damage

Most bad monks also stand in !@#$ and die
Wait, I have buttons that aren't Spinning Crane Kick?


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