How many bosses you kill so far?

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Currently I am 4/6 for MV. Got tomorrow night to try for Elegon before reset.

So far I enjoy it. They aren't as easy as I thought they'd be(based on how derp heroic dungeons are).

I'm satisfied with raiding so far.
4/6(25), with 5 pulls on Elegon.
This has been the best normal tier I've played in, in a long time and gave huge expectations for the expansion.

Really hoping they keep up the strong build, and we don't see a Firelands/DS cop out for the future.
Just completed our 6/6 sunday night.

Was a big step up from farming DS for the last couple months, and was probably the biggest slap to the face to our tanks who actually had to do something other than dps.

Overall I think the difficulty is good, and practice/good strat goes a LONG way to downing these bosses. Not overly impressed with the fact that Rdps>Mdps almost every fight (cept for Will in which you want 1 mdps to tank strengths). Really feel blizzard dropped the ball in both balance and skill rampup of many of the classes and this leads to some classes simply being side lined early on.

Lack of anything special in terms of video/lore when you do a full clear was a let down, was hoping for something but just happy to be done and looking forward to heroic mode.

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