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I just re-subscribed to WoW last week and can rarely if ever get onto my realm, Illidan, because it is so full it gets locked out. I called customer service and they said I may have a chance of having them open up "Free Realm Transfer" again some time. I would really like that cause otherwise I would have to pay to have 4 characters transferred. Is anyone else having problems getting into their realms? Have you been able to work something out with Bliz to transfer your toons?
Blizz had free realm transfers up for over a week, they ended last Thursday, to help with several realms with high queue times, Illidan included.

They haven't said yet if they are going to be offering them again, but if they do it would be announced on the Home page and the General Forum.
Here is the information about the last free realm transfer period last week. If they have another you will see that stickied on the General Forum too.

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