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Alright, so I know there are tons of these threads out there, but I have this issue on every game.
I can't figure out what class I want to play, and keep switching. I've done hunter to lvl 65 painstakingly boring in my opinion, I don't enjoy having to deal with a pet all the time. Any opinions would be appreciated. I don't MIND a pet if it's easy to keep up with.

What I want to do:

I want to do lots of DPS
both PvE and PvP
Must be a caster
Can handle themselves in solo PvE

I'm thinking of doing shadow priest
I want to do lots of DPS
both PvE and PvP
Must be a caster
Can handle themselves in solo PvE

Take out the caster qualification and you get every single class in the game, put in the caster qualification and you get every single caster in the game. Every class has at least one DPS spec and is perfectly capable of solo questing, dungeons/raids, and PvP.
So you have Caster DPS:

Shadow Priest
Balance Druid
Elemental Shaman

You said you don't like pets, so frost mage and warlocks are out. Out of what's left, it's all a matter of playstyle. If you want to make a shadow priest, go for it.
I appreciate all the help, and I did roll Shadow Priest I sure hope I enjoy it, also any thoughts on Professions?
We usually recommend new players pick up 2 gathering professions so they can make some nice gold at the start.
Warlocks are probably the most complex of the caster classes. All are DoT based, but affliction is most about DoT management, demonology is about cooldown management, and destruction is less complex and more about building/spending your combo points (burning embers) at the right times. Warlocks have pet demons, but can talent into Grimoire of sacrifice and sacrifice their demons for improved damage. There are specific builds/rotations/talents you can look up built around basically never using your pet except to sacrifice it.

Mages have several distinct playstyles based on spec. Arcane is very simple and based around managing your mana and self buffs. Frost is more complex than arcane and about managing procs. Frost has a lot of control and is very good for PvP and kiting. Fire is more about managing DoTs and procs, and in the past has been a little more gear dependant than the other two. (Fire often relies on large amounts of crit and haste to perform well.) Frost has a pet elemental, but it stands back and casts with you and can be glyphed to be more easy to manage.

Balance druids are based around managing your eclipse state. Basically you cast different spells depending on whether you're in a solar or lunar eclipse. Balance druids also bring symbiosis to the raid, and can glyph to be a ble to cast certain healing spells without leaving moonkin form. (Frequently on heroic progression raids, a boomkin may need to use tranquility to help keep the raid up in times of heavy raid-wide damage.) Beware none of the other druid specs are ranged DPS!

Shadow priests are a DoT based class. They function not dissimilarly to warlocks, although they have fewer spells overall, and have no pets. Similar to balance druids, shadow priests can glyph being able to use their healing spells in shadowform. Also all their spells look really cool imo. Both the other specs for priests are healing specs, so be aware that shadow is your only option for priest DPS.

Elemental shaman are fairly straightforward. You keep one DoT up on the target and then use three other spells on cooldown (lava burst), when they proc (earth shock), and as filler (lightning bolt). I am not sure if Elemental AoE is still very strong, but it was very strong in Dragon Soul. Shaman bring a lot of raid-wide utility cooldowns to the table in the form of totems. Beware that none of the other shaman specs are ranged DPS.
Maybe this will be more helpful to you -

Why are you leaning toward Shadow Priest at the moment?
I would say warlock but if you want no pet mage is a great choice for both pvp and pve

i like my shadow priest but idk, it is all up to you in the end

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