Ooming so fasrt

Anyone else experiencing this problem.
I went into a raid and literally after 4 casts i was oom.
This is broken and needs a fix. I have high spirit amounts also.
5k spirit is not high.
you have a very broad definition of "literally"
Think of it like early Cata Holy Priests. If you have 1 piece of gear without spirit on it (excluding trinkets), you need to replace that and find one that has spirit.
Dident play in cata.
And i can boost my spirit to 9k, and its still causing problems.

infact in general the priest healing seems subpar.
You have 0 enchants (c'mon I have an enchanter, I know that the spirit to chest chant is dirt cheap right now) and 0 reforges. At LEAST reforge some spirit on to your dagger and offhand.
It isn't just this, priests are very underpowered at higher levels. I don't care what people say about gear etc, it's a fact.
Yea, a lot of my guild is saying the same thing actually.

From what i can tell this is the issue.

Short version:
"the healing is unstable and to costly".

Long Version:
I have noticed i go from being able to spam all buttons at once, to being able to spam nothing at once. The over lining result from this is that either hps is skyrocketing, or its nothing; that means that basically the heals are not stable. this is especially the case with aoe heals.

Needed fixes
Heal needs to be lowered on casting time to 1.5 second base.
Cascade needs an additional hop. 2>4>8. Starting at 30k base then 20k > 10k.
if the coefficient is 60% then it will be something like 45k heal > 30k heal > 15k heal (Per spark)
Halo needs a reduction in cooldown time to 15 seconds.
Divine star needs to be increased 20% healing of its current value, and needs to be reduced to 8 second cooldown.
Holy word: sanctuary this spell should be buffed to 5k heal base per secont and coefficient should be set to 33%-38%.

Glyph of inner will : this glyph should increase reduction cost by an additional 10% (total 25%).
Glyph of inner fire: this gylph should grant 10% Bonus spirit to the priest


This spell is terrible.

Redesign it.

Creates a well of light (NEW GRAPHIC PLZ something with water) that heals hp per second for 5 secomds.
Make it large and in charge.

This spell is terrible.

Redesign it.

Creates a well of light (NEW GRAPHIC PLZ something with water) that heals hp per second for 5 secomds.
Make it large and in charge.

Lightwell is amazing, it's the most efficient heal we have and it heals for a ton. If your raiders don't have the competency to click on it, just glyph it.

Yeah lightwell is awesome! Even in heroics I'm content to put it down and use it myself! Even if everyone else ignores it I feel I've still achieved something :D
priests are officially on the bottom of the totem pole.

Maybe in the next 5 expansions, we will be on top.
I don't play holy, so can't give any advice on how to manage your spells but upon looking at your profile here goes.

You have too many gear holes to be stepping into a raid right now. Try and get pieces of gear with spirit on every piece before enchanting. Also, some of your gear is of low level (450) and there are even green pieces in there.

I would recommend you run heroics to upgrade your weak slots. Check out the sticky thread at the top of this forum which has a great, comprehensive list of preferred pre-raid gear for us.

Once you have a 463 item in each slot, and this is very possible with gear from faction and heroics, then you will find yourself feeling much more comfortable.

With regards to spirit, 4770 is far too low for raids. We are no longer in the comfortable, GH bombing bubble of Cata. In MOP you will find yourself having to manage every spell. I am running just over 7k spirit right now and managing my mana is a challenge.

Good luck!
Basically what other have said. I play Holy and the healing has really changed from the end of Cata to now. Go through some Heroics to get gear and maybe start doing LFR as well before stepping into the normal raids. Make sure to use Mindbender on cooldown and conserve your mana to the max - remember, you don't have to neccessarily top everyone off right away, just keep them alive and triage.

P.S. Lightwell is an awesome spell! :)
Try to get a Sha of Anger kill. He drops a quest-starting item that'll net you 477 boots to replace your 437s.

Replace one trinket with the Brewfest healing trinket. Replace the other with the 463 iLvL spirit trinket from Stormstout Brewery. A helm with a meta gem slot would do wonders for you.
Its super costly to use anything more than flash or greater...I mean renew sure and a bubble here and there. But the cost of sanctuary for its heals is a joke and don't bother with something like halo I mean what is it cost? Like 30k mana I think? That's insane.
1. You need spirit up the yin-yang
2. Get 2 professions that will help you. I recommend at least Tailoring (for cheap and top leg threads AND fantastic Cloak enchants)
3. Learn to cook and make your own spirit food
4. Get the Cheap enchants for your higher items (450+)
5. Pull back from overcasting; it's something I have had to do as well. In Cata I could spam my Disc spells without worry - now I have to really think. I don't mind as it truly is making me an even better healer.
6. Carry Mana pots with you
7. Don't worry about making sure all are at full 100% of the time - I usually look for 80%
8. Use Mindbender every single time it's up - every single time (there is still something to fight of course)

Also frankly? Try Holy over Disc as you get your gear situated. I have found the mana return is a bit easier to manage due to the gut they did to disc.

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