Arena Rankings are missing hundreds of teams

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I posted this in the Arena forums and someone suggested I post here as well.

Basically, there are hundreds of teams not showing up in the rankings. I know it's only the 1st week of arena, but it is important to see what comps are doing well.
His 3v3 team is 2307 according to armory.

But the team above isn't included in this list:

There are more examples posted on the original thread I made in the Arena forums. Sorry again for the double post, but just wanted to make sure a blue saw this in the bug forums.
Still not fixed.... Would like to see rankings, ty.
Yes, please fix the ladders as they are worthless in their current state. The season has been going on for nearly three weeks now.
bump please fix the ladders.
Yes please fix this it's 3 weeks in and extremely annoying.
I don't understand why the arena rankings have been broken for so long.
Good ol blizzard
please fix bliz. Blue post or something

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