[H] <Remedy> 10m raiding guild lf heals!

Bleeding Hollow
Remedy is a casual progression guild on Bleeding Hollow that focuses on end-game raiding. We keep raiding lighthearted (and usually hilarious), but focused. Our core 10 man group has been raiding together since ToC, and the guild was a 25m progression guild for all of Wrath. We enjoy the 10m atmosphere, a little lighter schedule, and as few deaths as possible while we kill big dragons. While we don’t put in 12-16 hours a week like bleeding edge progression guilds, we take pride in being able to stay in the progression picture in less than half the raiding hours. Most of our raiding core could easily be in top progression guilds, and several of us have in past raiding tiers.

Currently Recruiting

One of the following:
* PvE Holy Paladin
* PvE Mistweaver Monk

Raiding Schedule

* Tuesday 9-12 pm EST/Server
* Thursday 9-12 pm EST/Server

You are expected to attend every raid, especially with our light schedule. We have 11-12 members in our 10m core at all times to cover for absences and to give us flexibility in raid configuration. You will occasionally be asked to sit out, but generally no more than anyone else in the group.


* Expert knowledge of class/spec/role
* Relevant HEROIC raiding experience while said content was current
* Geared enough to enter progression raiding with proper enchants and gems
* Must have a raid-worthy PC, as well as Ventrilo and a working microphone
* A positive attitude
* You’re rich, good-looking, and have a !@#$%^ wit


We have little spec overlap in our 10m core, and minimal loot competition. We do a simple MS/OS roll, loot is literally never an issue in our raids. We often have the “no, you take it” issue.

Contact Melvv, Kalyra, or Dicenträ in-game on Bleeding Hollow. Feel free to ask any guildies for us as well – we’re altaholics.

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