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Pet Battles
First off, I would love to start off by saying what a great addition battle pets has made to the game.

I am hooked and I am loving every bit of it. This addition to wow has to be at least one of the top five best things ever added. It is obvious from balancing hot fixes to carefully designed skill sets to make all moves available to everyone (I.E. peddlefoot=mini tyrael) that mini pet battles has/(will have) a lot of love and work put into it.

There are so many new and interesting pets. The UI is great for being essentially being a first run of the battle pet UI. I know there are plans to improve an add to it to even make it better! The system is easy to understand while leaving some tricky combos and teams to be developed by avid players/collectors.

All in all, I have to say that the new feature is a success on many levels.

Just some quick ideas before I get to my main point.

I think that it would be great for the UI to come preloaded with what some addons have come to provide. Improvements such as:

>Color coding names of pets to indicate rarity

>A toggle to display pets by certain criteria in your UI (type, zone, how they are obtained)

>The ability to determine rarity mid-fight (In my opinion, I think it would be neat to earn this from the quantity and quality achievement)

>An indicator to the type of pet you have in your journal as it pertains to stat distributions. (for example, an addon puts a tiny icon on your pet icon that indicates the area in which you pet has a high stat allocation. A heart, knife, and arrow are used to indicate health, attack, and speed respectively)

I know its easy to download these things as add-ons and throw them into the add-on folder, but I think it would be nice to see those as defaults in the UI for pet battles.

Now to a concern that weighs more on my mind. As an obsessive mini pet collector pre mop, I make it a point to catch a rare of any pet I am after. I am ok with the concept that not every pet should be easy to get. I think most people would agree that a rare minfernal or a rare giraffe calf should be something that takes quite a bit of time.

However, I think that with the introduction of CRZ that maybe the spawn rates of some pets are just a bit off. I will use the sithilid hatchling as my case argument. Now, in order to catch this on many different servers, you need to be in tanaris right at the start of the sandstorm. Two to three people will clear all the hatchlings out quickly in search of rares. On top of that fact, these little guys have such a bad respawn timer that often they do not respawn by the time the sandstorm ends. So, it is very difficult to do anything other than wait in tanaris, switching between alts, til a sandstorm spawns.

Another good example is the giraffe calf. I got my rare the hard way, but I think it should not be so difficult for future people. At most six giraffe calfs can be up at one time. They don't spawn that often and are heavily camped. Furthermore, a good portion of people do not kill the barrens giraffes that they spawn with. These conditions make up a senario where you might only have 30 or so giraffes spawn in a day (rough estimate could be totally wrong).

Minfernal and scourged whelplings are another whole can of worms. I swear that maybe two to three spawn a day (unless there is a sever restart/reset). In all honesty, I can live with that fact and actually think its nice to have a few pets that are that rare. My major problem with these two pets are their rarity. I often come across a minfernal late at night on a low population server. I check it real fast for it's quality and 4/5 times it is common or poor. The one exception to that is the one that I caught that was uncommon. When I encounter these, I log out knowing it will reset the fight and someone will get to finally catch a minfernal when they check for it. I can only guess that they will be only somewhat happy due to the fact that the minfernal they caught is not viable to use in battle. I think pets like the minfernal and scourged whelpling should spawn at least as an uncommon quality pet at bare minimum if not rare quality. The amount of time that it takes to catch one should be rewarded with the proper quality.

In quick summary, I think spawns such as the giraffe calf and the sithilid hatchling need some tweaking. I also think that spawns like minfernal and scourged whelpling should be baseline uncommon with a higher chance to be rare.

Edit: Corrected some typos and clarified some more convoluted sentences.

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