Official SteelSeries WoW mouse not working

Technical Support
Hi there. I would like to know why my very expensive officially supported mouse is not working with the game it was designed for?

I can use the normal face buttons (I.E. Right, Left, Wheel, Back, and Forward clicks), but the other keys I can't access use. They just dont react when I push them.

Which means I'm sitting here playing a game with a $90 mouse that has the functionality of a $15 mouse.

Is this going to be like that Cataclysm glitch where you'd log out automatically if you were alt+tabbed and fast traveling? Because honestly, I unsubbed just for that reason - and I'm willing to unsub over this. Its ridiculous!

Before anyone asks - Yes, I have set it up, both ingame and with the mouse. My action bars used custom macros that were linked to my game. I've been using this mouse WoW Steelseries mouses since Wrath.

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