WTF am I doing wrong?

Have the healers stand with melee and ignore it.
Also statistics are fun, did you know I'm 120% serious right now?

I'd use this as a sig.
Rogue PvE actually isn't awful from what I've seen. As was mentioned previously, The Stone Guard is cleave heaven and I top my raid's DPS by a large margin on that boss fight every time. I also top the meters for every single heroic I run, except on the rare occasion that there's enough AoE encounters that the wizard or tank beat me. This is possibly do both to my gear and everyone being !@#$, but still.

Rogues are not awful in PvE.

Perhaps you should stop with the sarcastic rhetorical questioning and actually ask yourself what you're doing wrong.

I used to be top dps at all times.

Because you were overpowered as hell in Cata. You aren't actually good.

Because you were overpowered as hell in Cata. You aren't actually good.

Another good sig with a slight correction in bold.

Edit: thanks for the heads up. I was hasty.

Because you were overpowered as hell in MoP. You aren't actually good.

Another good sig.

Maybe if it was changed to Cataclysm... :p
Because you were overpowered as hell in Cata. You aren't actually good.

Read the rest of the thread retard. I was AFK all of Cata. If I wasn't "good" I would of never been top dps in the raids BEFORE cata dating all the way back to vanilla. Screw.
Phazes 12.
What you are doing wrong?

You rolled a rogue (:
I don't have a pic but yeah a Combat Rogue topped on first boss in Mogu'shan Vaults LFR and continued to be in the top 4 for the rest of the raid.
10/08/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Phazes
I don't understand anymore. I used to be top dps at all times. Along comes Pandaria and a rogue is lowest on the meters. To you retards stating that rogues are not terrible, stop trying to make yourself look good. I want to see ONE screenshot of you on top of the damage meters in a raid. Show me that then I will admit that I am in fact doing something wrong. I have played a rogue sense the game came out. I'm not talking about PvP as I enjoy PvE much more. We are broken. We know this and I want proof otherwise. That is all /endrant
I see rogues onlly in one fight, which is extremely favorable for us. Is that balance compared to how Prot paladins, fire mages and warlocks appear?
Been raiding for quite a while, on my rogue since wrath (other chars in tbc/vanilla), did all HMs on cata (dragon soul being the best progression for me) and I think it's pretty shaky right now. I'm going to wait till I get good gear though to make a solid judgement, it's discouraging right now though.

... But I totally got #1 this one time cleaving for 100% of the first fight on Mogu'shun 10m. BLADE FLURRY IS OUR SAVIOR

.. for the rest of the fights I recommend you stay stealthed and/or stand around looking fabulous, that way you can properly contribute to your raid's morale.

But only blood elves can look fabulous

See this is what I want to see. But I can not understand any of his rotation reading that. And from the looks of it, all his DPS happened after 35% which is perfectly understandable as I can pull a ton of DPS with dispatch constantly.

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