How do I make the game fully download?

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By fully download I mean --

Ok, when I login on the launcher it says "World of Warcraft is up to date" but when I go to certain areas that I have never been before, they have to stop and download. I get stuck on loading screens all the time and it's really irritating.

Like the other day I went to Zul'drak to help someone with the Ampitheatre quest and I couldn't even move after I got to around The Argent Stand, it had that blue glowy stream energy like it has when the area hasn't downloaded yet. If my client is up to date why hasn't it downloaded?

And then when she initiated the ampitheatre fight, I couldn't even see the first boss at first because he had to download and load or whatever.

I am just getting frustrated with being stuck on things all the time. Is there anything I can do to actually make the entire game download lol
You could open the launcher, maybe just before you go to bed, and without clicking play just leave that up there, let it download while you sleep I did that when I had a sloppy dsl connection when cata came out
That is what I am saying on the launcher it says that my client is up to date but clearly it's not if it is downloading older locations that I haven't been to yet.
Either copy the zone data from someoene that has traveled everywere or travel to all the location. Those are your 2 only options. There is no way to force wow to download zone data
You could try replacing your wow.mfil and wow.tfil files with ones from

You add those to your wow folder replacing what's there.

You could also try deleting the agent.db file in your folder at :

* Win 7/8/Vista: "C:\ProgramData\"
* Windows XP: "C:\Document and settings\All Users\Application Data\"

Since that holds info on how much you've downloaded. This will also clear the Diablo 3 related information inside that file tho so take a backup of it just in case.

If you get no joy that way I guess you can manually compare how big your MPQ files are using the URL you can construct out of the wow.mfil file. That URL contains a list of all the MPQ files and how big they are.
Wow what a pain in the butt I mean if it says the game is up to date, the game should actually be up to date lol

I'm not sure what happened, but somehow your launcher believes it's done downloading when it isn't. Lets try removing your current launcher and downloading a new one. It will then look for missing files since it's been reset back to default.

  • Close any Blizzard programs (Agent, game launcher, and game installer).
  • Configure Windows to Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  • Navigate to the folder:
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
  • Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\
  • Right click the folder.
  • Click Delete.
  • Navigate to the World of Warcraft directory and delete the WoW.mfil, WoW.pfil and WoW.tfil files
  • Relaunch the game.
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    Thank you for the response, I will try doing this when I go to bed tonight to let it download overnight. Hopefully this works because it is a real pain trying to do archaeology when I have to stop and download lol

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