Cross Realm Challenge Mode Group Thread

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472 iLvl Fury Warrior, 489 main hand. All gold or gtfo.

Non-!@#$ bag warlock LF golds only. Have a few silvers so far 18-30 seconds off from gold. Usually top dps in the groups i've been in.
Mikey#1770, 473 ilevel Brewmaster Monk.

I have reviewed the strategies for succeeding in challenge modes and have dabbled some but not many of my guildees are willing to put in the time associated with getting Gold, however I understand that it's something that comes with a good amount of practice.

Feel free to contact me in game my availability range is extremely broad (essentially all hours of the day if need be)
Eventually I will be up for this (WW monk - massive AoE DPS and good single target ^-^ but not geared enough for challenge modes .... yet)
WW monk, battletag Soulg#1117

ilvl 476 Fury War, down for anything
469 2h Frost/ 470 Blood


Looking to get gold, I want that set :D
ilvl 468 Holy Paladin LF All Silvers for Phoenix Mount :P

Looking to get it done with a patient and skilled group.

Paladin, Horde

463 Prot / 472 Ret


Would be dedicated to get all golds and then some to help others as well.
Edit: done!
Didn't see this thread at first, so, hey, I s'pose I'll just copy/paste from the thread I made.


My times are adjustable, and can range from noon to 3am EST on basically any day.

Basically looking for a group to push for a full set of gold medals in challenge modes. Willing to play either toon, experienced with both the Arms and Elemental specs through raiding.

Willing to put in time doing some slow theorycrafting runs, as well as just sitting in a chat discussing publicized strategies to see how we can improve and adapt them to our group. I'm willing to be a strong team player in this, and would like to find players willing to do the same.

If you would like to add me in-game or on skype to talk a bit more about my experience, or what I'm interested in, or just want to organize a bit more before a full group is formed; you can talk to me via in-game whisper, or;
Battle Tag: TheGnomeKing#1998
Skype: NabsTheCracker
(If you add via Battletag or Skype, leave a message saying you're interested in Challenge Modes, please.)
Blood DK ilvl 469 looking for golds.
Add me and lets get rollin!
battletag: niCk#12296
I'll be interesting in this. I'll drop my tag once I've finished crunching through... taking my sweet time this time around.. Bear tank who enjoys fast pulls and lovely AE.
Good thread. It's a shame we don't have a challenge mode board to theorycraft and make more discussions, but this shall suffice for group formation at least.
PSO!!! I love Phantasy Star Online. They still have servers up for the PC. I still hope on every once in a while....old ole days
10/15/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Northra
PSO!!! I love Phantasy Star Online. They still have servers up for the PC. I still hope on every once in a while....old ole days

Honestly, I'm not sure who / what you're replying to, but I agree with you 100%.
See you in PSO2 early 2013.
Experienced Enhancement Shaman

Battletag: Herc#1430

send me a request and group info.
Frost DK LFR dedicated (multiple hours per week) group for challenge modes.


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