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Interested in challenge modes bronze to gold. Had no opportunity to even step foot in them yet. Australian time zones

or tank (with a respec)

Looking for a skilled tank for challenge modes. Preferring a warrior or possibly a blood DK. Group would consist of Prot warrior/blood DK, SV/BM hunter, resto druid, ret pally, and an ele shaman. We will be pushing hard to achieve all gold. I am really looking for people who play well with others, we will be spending quite a bit of time together and I don't like fighting or arguing. Knowledge of your class is also important, I don't want to tell you how to do things correctly. Be willing to follow directions, input and suggestions are not required but encouraged.

We want to achieve all gold as quickly as possible, and I am looking for like minded people. We are a fun group of people and would like to keep it that way, so please have a sense of humor.

at least 275 stat food
Potions and flasks
Invisibility potions
Mumble (MUST have a mic, need to hear interrupts, cc, etc.)
NO backpeddler/clickers/keyboard turners please
Please be geared! I know it scales down Ilevel, but extra gems slots and enchants really help. Went from having a heroic blue geared tank to full epic one was insane

Availability of group:
Tuesday 11:30pm-3:30am EST
Wednesday 7:00pm-3:30am EST
Thursday 11:30pm-3:30am EST
Friday 7:00pm-3:30am EST
Saturday 7:00pm-3:30am EST
Sunday 7:00pm-3:30am EST
Monday 7:00pm-3:30am EST

Times are flexible, we usually run late into the night.

If you are interested leave a message here or add me at lafy#1804. (Put "Challenge modes" in the comment so i know what the add is for.) If I'm not online you can try talking to Watola#1532 our hunter.

Also want to clarify because of the alarming amount of people that don't realize this, but this is horde side...

If we do bring you please be able to show up on time and ready!

P.S. Considering any exceptional ranged DPS
I'm also interested in doing challenge modes. Ret pally, been playing since vanilla and have raided every expansion (mostly as a rogue).

I'm available late nights after our main progression raids of course. Hit me up Monstrous#1404
Need more excellent RANGED DPS for GOLDS ONLY. Cleared Scarlet Halls Gold last night at exactly 13:00 with an all melee group and no Heroism.

WTB Heroism.

Melee DPS here looking for some people to give challenge modes a whirl. Just starting off, so I need a lot of practice but i'm willing to put in the time and the consumables to wipe and learn.

Have mic/can use any VOIP service you prefer. I'm in the Pacific time zone and can normally be on from about 5 and afterwards PST.

My Battletag is Aponater#1508, please add me and we can discuss any details.

P.S. I am also working on a mistweaver gear set and would be more than willing to heal once I feel comfortable with that gear.
LF 1 Ele Sham or SP - attempting TJS on CM pushing for gold in a few attempts

Add me - Dreaded#1848
WW monk 478 ilvl, extremely interested in running these and going for gold. Arkk#1838 is my battletag.
Feral/Guardian Druid 479 ilvl interested in CM's have a few silvers and lookin to work towards gold Arilith#1268 is battletag.
477 ret paladin, bringing food/flasks/dps pots/ invis pots, Have gold in Scarlet Halls.

Wouldn't mind a group to progress with and do them on a normal basis.

Add me via battle tag if interested Shibby#1460
484 Enhance Shaman. Got all my consumables and stuff.


I work from home, and am available any time of day or night.

I have not done challenge modes yet, as my server is relatively dead, but I'm good at what I do (including enhance healing, I've healed multiple heroics for practice).
481 frost DK still looking for more Gold CMs. Currently have gold in Scholo, SM and SH

Add Axphyxiate#2876

470 afflict lock LF group
478 Holy Priest

Battle Tag: Purplehayes#1566

Looking forward to healing some challenge mode PST me so we can get this going!
476 ilevel lock

As long as you're not running at 12am-4:30AM Eastern (raiding), I'm available
Prot (or ret) pally and priest healer LF 2 or 3 skilled dps for challenge modes.

I have all silvers except stormstout, the healer has one silver (just hasnt had as much time as i have to run these). both very experienced raiders.

Looking to find some very skilled dps for these that can coordinate properly with their cc's.

preferably ranged, or a rogue/dk.

add be in game to discuss times etc.
all done good luck everyone

ty to this thread for helping me find my gold group ^_^
I really enjoy these and would be up for helping groups pushing for gold or trying to get good times. I have completed all dungeons with a gold time and have a nice understanding of the potential strategies for each as well as a thorough understanding of my class.

Unfortunately, I like to keep my schedule rather open aside from raiding, so I don't think I will be able to commit to any set time or permanent group, and I definitely will be unavailable 7-11 CST Sundays through Thursdays. However, if you find yourself short a player one day or just want to talk about about strategies, add me and if I am free I would definitely love to do some runs.

I'm horde, obviously.
Going to put a group together tonight for Bronze/Silver runs. Want to complete those ASAP.

I recently swapped mains to this toon from an HPal. My pally has all silvers, and realm best times for everything except SH (as of last night). I have a good group but like many others, we have a hard time coordinating a time that we can all be online for outside of raid. I'm looking to push golds. If an all gold group isn't available then an all silver would be great too so I can grab my mount on this toon also.
Alliance, on EST. Available Fri-Mon. We raid Tu-Th.
Extremely interested in obtaining golds not silver.
Two of us, package deal. 4 silvers so far, barely run any CM's yet as no guild interest in them.

Chronós (alt 162) ORylai#1412
466 prot / 477 ret. Previous gladiator/arena master/25 man RL

Friday: 6pm-anytime
Saturday: Anytime-4pm (most Sats anytime but not 10/27)
Sunday: Anytime
Monday: 6pm-anytime

Tooter BecomeApro#1421
479 affliction/demo. Parses and ranks every boss fight. Our guild's #1 dps on almost every fight, by a lot.

Friday: 10am-3pm, 11pm-whenever
Saturday: Anytime-2pm, 11pm-Anytime
Sunday: Anytime
Monday: 7pm-Anytime
DPS: Tooter #1 Chronos #4 on Will kill last night in 25s.
Knowledgeable on runs/Consumables/Mumble/Vent = no problem.
We both are mature adults with full schedules, but very competitive.
Can lead group if we don't fit into someone else's, so if you're an kickass individual add our btags and find one of us in game with game experience/times available/etc. High need of sick healer if we were to make our own group, have some amazing guild dps we could bring if we had dedicated heals.
Gold runs only.

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