Shockadin, anyone doing it?

Seen some of the glyphs and talents that make me think a Shockadin might be valid dps. Is anyone doing this or seen anyone do it sucessfully?
Trying it... not going too well. Averaging 12-13k dps but everyone always FF on me because they think im a healer. Going to play it out a little bit more and see what happens. I'm using Glyph of HS, WoG, and harsh words. Also spec'd sanctified wrath and holy prism.

BTW if you have been watching the youtube videos pre-mop launch, it was nerfed big time.
pretty much the shockadin theme song
I'm having fun with it in pvp. If you spec and glyph right you can kite enough to get casts off. When you get fully geared with pvp power start to see some bigger numbers. Doesn't compare with damage classes of course but it's a nice blast from the past
Me I am! Only so I can level as holy spec efficiently and still get quest rewards so that I can transition back into pure healing at 90. Wheeeeee.
During some more DPS intensive fights where there is a restrictive enrage timer and a break in raid damage, I will spam denounce on things. With wings and divine purpose I've seen upwards of 45k burst, nothing to be scoffed at if you can pull it off.
why do people keep making these posts?
10/10/2012 07:50 AMPosted by Vladja
why do people keep making these posts?

For the same reason you reply to them. Because they care!

But more importantly, I want some scrambled eggs.
After my full ret set i'm getting a shockadin offset. I loved it in TBC, i can see potential in it. Most people forget you need to also melee here n there.
The lack of AoE damage (untill a talant@90 ) makes it chalanging on some quests. Other than that it is quite fun. IMHO

The thing to rember is mastery is your enemy, crit is your friend. Mastery does nothing for damage. Also you don't need hit, because of the 16% bonus to hit with spells.

The 2 changes I would want for it would be for denounce to be able to benifet for seals like melee, and some sort of AoE that isn't a level 90 talent. Considering that I had one for over 7 years, you realy miss it when it is gone.
For PvE it works well enough for soloing stuff, but expect a slow grind... Do not use in an instance to DPS, please, it's not designed for that and it will only result in embarresment.

Now for PvP on the other hand, it's amazingly fun, if you use it correctly. At first I was worried, holy shock was hitting for pathetic damage, but once you have real gear (not contender !@#$, but a good deal of at least dreadful) popping cooldowns can result in some serious burst DPS for a few seconds; enough to put pressure or even kill someone, but more importantly your healing does not suffer. Keeping a good balance and knowing when to switch back and forth, keeping your team alive and active with your utility while still scoring kills: that's what the shockadin is all about.
Not a shockadin but I have gone on the offensive a few times on my holy pally in pvp I have held my own against mages and warriors . Also blood dk's get owned by holy pallys... At least in the 85-89 bracket.
Glyph HS, Harsh words, and cant think of the other one but not what i have. Changing it tonight. Go with pvp gear the 2p bonus and 4p bonus are uber. Instead of sanctified wrath i would go with holy avenger. That stacked with avenging wrath and 2p bonus and HS glyph i promise you shocks will blow your mind and you get free wog's and 4p bonus you get extra holy power even after cd's are gone. Go with prizm talent. after all cd's are blown rotation would be kinda like Prizm>HS>WoG(3 stacks)>CS(for holy generation)>denounce. With right gear bonus's and glyphs, talents your downtime is pretty much none existent. Have fun.
I'm gonna try it when I get 4 piece White Tiger.

Oh, and I've used Avenging Wrath & Holy Prism to execute my partner's target in 2v2 arenas - does that count? ^^ (it crit for like 83k)
Looked up other glyph i was mentioning above. Its denounce, HS 50% chance to reduce cd on denounce by 1sec making it almost an instant cast. Ill be trying this all out tonight and will post some meters. I really feel that holy could be very strong in arena and even pvp if you go full out and dont heal(meaning your set role is dps). If this all works out correctly ill make an actual thread on a true shockadin build. Keep in mind all my gemming is for pvp at the moment and that could change meters quit a bit and i have not reforged anything but time permitting i will tonight(crit all the way!!!) as stated mastery will do nothing to a shockadins damage output and haste will be worthless as everything will be instant cast except denounce but with glyph and only using on proc haste would not make any difference really. If yall can think of any other tweeks that i could be missing plz post as i will try and implement them when running my meters this evening.
Check 5.0.1 patch notes. They are butchering holy shock damage significantly.

Finally get all this shockadin bs out of the game and out of the forums
I did check patch notes for 5.1 not 5.0.1. 13k damage plus 136% of SP..... Hhmmm... i see lots of pallies in heroic dungeon gear with 18k+ SP. Soooo roughly 33k non crit in current crap gear. Dont see the nerf your talking about Volpit but your definately pro and know what your talking about. Maybe when i post my meters tonight you can lol but really doubting it. I get it, your a conformist and have to do what the majority does. God forbid you think outside the box.
I am doing the smart thing and taking back everything i said before=) I am not gonna show meters or damage boards in bg's. Shockadins do not exist. There is no way to compete. I hope this is what yall wanted to hear.

PS-for those few that understand my retraction have fun wink wink
Shockadin Is very Viable in both Battleground and Heroics... not so much raiding as fights last way to long...

Heroic bosses i tend to average out around 50,000-60,000 dps when they fall.

As for Battlegrounds i tend to finish Top Damage/Kills most of the time.

Its pretty simple Int>Crit>Haste (PVE)
Int>Crit/PVP power>Haste (PVP)

Important Talents: Holy Avenger, Holy Prism. (others are up to you)

Glyphs: Word of Glory, Harsh Words, Holy Shock.

With all my CD's Rolling your looking around... (PVE)

Holy Shock: 260,000
Harsh Words: 120,000
Holy Prism: 110,000
Denounce: 110,000

On a fully Geared Dreadfull PVP target... (PVP)

Holy Shock: 160,000
Harshwords: 80,000
Holy Prism: 60,000
Denounce 60,000

I can usually drop somone in 3-4 hits, all instant casts.. takes about 4 seconds.

Pop CD's > Holy Shock > (Now Full Holy Power) > Harsh Words Dump (now giving you extra 10% dmg from Word of Glory Glyph) > Holy Prism > Holy Shock > AGAIN (Full Holy Power) > Harsh Words Dump... DEAD.

Ands thats about 600,000 damage in 4-5 seconds.
Crit Multiplier along with are 40% extra damage from CD's

Not to mention 5,000 SP from trinkets... No resistance to Holy Attacks and free 15% hit.

Plate Wearing Beast-Mode self sustaining Monster.

OMG hunter popped enrage/stampede /cast blessing of protection / Nuke.. Dead.

not to mention you can Kite almost any melee using 'Clemency' for multple blessing of freedom while using Burden of Guilt to slow. just enough time for your Sacred sheild to tick a absorb for the few times they hit you before being kited again.

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