Level 90 Talents


Blizzard, please. Remember how Rogues and Warlocks were the least played classes? Mages may follow suit for raids if these don't get changed.

No one enjoys spending 4-6 seconds doing 0 DPS, feeling forced to stand (and re-cast) runes of power, or run into fire to get DPS boosts. In addition, NONE of these feel "overpowered" like you said talents are supposed to feel (with the exception of Invocation with Glyph of Evocation when used for soloing)
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I agree. I hate them...literally hate these talents. I agree 100%!!
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Hate is a strong word. I dislike 90 talents a lot (except IW in PvP).
lol sorry...I strongly dislike them. :P
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Please make the 90 talents go away...... pleeease....
10/09/2012 12:17 AMPosted by Pewpewblast
Mages may follow suit for raids if these don't get changed.
Unlikely... I don't see the problem. They're all straight damage buffs. With the exception of hunters and 1 talent for rogues... The majority of lvl 90 talents for pure DPS classes are not damage abilities. They're just additional utilities. to maintain DPS. I'm content with them. Sure I don't find myself using them too often because they're situational. But I really don't see the problem other than we can't smash our face on the keyboard and be number 1 on the charts (which I could argue).
the only one i have a problem with is the rune, its kinda pointless in an expansion where the majority of boss fights are movement heavy. i use it when im farming mobs, i pull a lot, cast the rune and tank on spot, but thats about it. the evocation i dont mind since i can pop it before boss fights and during periods when the fight stops while the boss does w/e.
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