unholy Death Knight needs Mastery? Haste or C

Death Knight
For unholy Death Knight's pvp, we need Mastery? Haste or Crit?
some people said:
Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > PvP Power > Strength > PvP Resilience > Mastery > Crit > Haste
its that right?
Is it? Research is awesome.
10/09/2012 01:14 AMPosted by Darktitan
Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > PvP Power > Strength > PvP Resilience > Mastery > Crit > Haste

I believe that is correct.
youre on the ball mate , trust me
I am interested in this too. Checking out elitist jerks they have haste up by some margin followed closely by crit. Playing around (questing) i found in mop we have some downtime after we use all the runes then death coil a bit ( i use blood tap ) and use up the death runes. I feel that the down times can be fixed with haste. While we still need to keep in mind that disease damage has been buffed a lot if going all out master for it is worth it and how much it scales.

While scourge strike scales with mastery only its shadow part does and it also scales with haste as in getting more haste will regen runes faster = more scourge strike. Thats true for all other strikes. With unholy having good up times on enemy with death's advance, the idea that in pvp haste is wasted because we are chasing ppl most of the time is not so valid. Not to mention the pet and garg also scales with haste from gear.
Don't forget about soul reaper.
it is correct

Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > PvP Power > Strength > PvP Resilience > Mastery > Crit > Haste

you can debate the pvp power or the strength first, im still running calculations to decide but the pvp power will probably be the more suitable option for the healing aspect and the fact it increases all damage where as strength only has some bearing on select attacks. mastery definately above crit and haste, in full honor gear and unholy pres you should have around 40% haste anyway. mastery increases shadow damage being blood plauge, death coil, scourge strike and soul reaper only leaving 2 abilities from your main dps abilities that arn't affected.

and dont forget you need 6% spell hit, often unspoken about.

i run with both pvp dps trinkets, proc strength and use for strength.

use a death coil blood tap macro to max death runes, will make up for any shortfall from not stacking haste. plus some abilities now require death runes.

#showtooltip Death Coil
/cast Death Coil
/cast Blood Tap

here is my handy kill macro, if you are in a normal battleground u can take advantage of strength pots. so basically this macro will cast unholy frenzy on yourself increasing haste by 20% for 30secs having the glyph to negate the damage taken from this is optional, it uses the strength pvp trinket strength potion synaps springs enchant(gloves) from engineering, summons gargoyle(you may need to tap the macro again if you dont the the runic power to get the gargoyle the first time) and commands your pet to attack your target.

so to recap you get
20% haste(no damage taken from ability if glyphed)
9962 strength

if your into your self healing then take lichbourne and use this macro to heal using your runic power, remember lichbourns cooldown.

#showtooltip Lichborne
/cast !Lichborne;
/cast [target=player] Death Coil
/cast arcane torrent

spam that when you have lichbourne and plenty of runic power(i have arcane torrent to boost my runic power slightly) it will cast at yourself so no need to change your target, the other death coil option is the glyph that will make death coil give a shield instead of health. personally i lean to lichbourne as it will break you out of a fear, that being the reason i dont run with a movement imparing trinket.

if you use death coil as a shield then this will cast at yourself

#showtooltip Death Coil
/cast [target=player] death coil

the next self healing macro is death pact, if your pet is dead it will summon then use deathpact. if your pet is already up then will just take the health. if your pet dies shortly after using this then just hit again to resummon your pet.

#showtooltip death pact
/cast raise dead
/cast death pact

at the moment i have this hitting around 170k, with deathpact and lichbourne with full runic power i can easilly take myself to full health wile taking a copple of hits in the middle.

with these macro's and full honor gear i hit around 17mil damage in normal bg's doubling one of my guilds best hunters that came second with 8 mil.
sory for the spelling mistakes, soooo tyred..

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