65 Warrior - w/o second wind lol

Hi there.

Second wind is good however I am told I am good but if i am fighting healers who can pretty much go from 0 to full in a second or so it doesn't make much of a difference.

Does it become different at higher level ? Just wondering what all the fuss is about and why people think its so powerf it because DK, Ret Paladins can all burst me down no problem.....(I win some, but not all of it)

Seems like the toughest ones are the dps healers who seem to be able to heal amazingly...

Different with resilience ? just trying to understand
At level 90, at first SW is bleh for PvP. However; When you get gear and the Resil stacks up, it's hard for people to kill you, unless they save all CDs until you're under 30% and by then generally you've done enough damage to Execute spam.

Questing side, I loved it, I pulled everything and it's brother, Bladestormed and Victory Rushed died maybe twice leveling 85-90 :P

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