Serious Nonsense Horde

Aerie Peak
Serious Nonsense is a Horde guild on Aerie Peak looking for new members interested in raiding or PvP (or just hanging out). We have not yet set our raid times as we are waiting for everyone to get to 90. We are currently looking for all classes and specs and welcome your alts.

We will be running several teams, on several nights, so that our mains and alts can get geared.
We use team speak for communication and give gold rewards to top 3 weekly activity
If you are looking for a new home please let us know!
Ah, nice!

More of you to kill.

I approve.
Vex, do you kill them with your 10-man progress? or just your horrid personality?

Alone could stomp anyone into the ground with their 10-man progress.

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