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10/09/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Lunanox
You can open a ticket and report them (because they are interfering with others being able to play I believe) if you know their names and remember details like the time and such. Can you do a /tar summoning stone or something?

It's called competition, thats why these bosses are out there, it isn't to make nicey nice. This is a pvp boss blizzard expects you to pvp. Were the horde just supposed to sing Kum bai yah while the alliance got the raid together? No, they held off the alliance side so they could get a shot at the boss too.
If I was a gm I would just sit and laugh at a ticket like this one.

That's actually griefing, and it's reportable. I recommend proceeding to do so.

Of course, I'd expect nothing less from the Horde. That's the sort of environment their Warchief encourages: cowardly actions only taken when someone can't respond.

Alliance do the same type of thing the horde does, it was happening on Korgath my horde server last night, only "gasp" they were killing the other players, "horror" pvp at a pvp boss. Fyi jerks come in both factions to think otherwise is narrowminded and shortsighted.
Creative use of game mechanics.

Not griefing, not against the rules, sorry.

They were griefing, but I am not sure it was against the rules. They were definitely ruining your game experience. Perhaps next time you should have flagged PvP when they had the boss low during an AoE phase and take it over.
10/09/2012 12:59 PMPosted by Tsavis
Were the horde just supposed to sing Kum bai yah while the alliance got the raid together?
Well that's the thing. From what I remember the PVE rules for world bosses in vanilla were very strict and there were a lot of no-nos that were possible with game mechanics but would result in the people who did those no-nos getting actioned.

I realize this is not the same game, and those rules are very likely out of date. Which is why I was asking. Although it doesn't seem like anyone knows for sure.

Thanks again.
Sucks for u but ppl should've flown there. Not like it would have taken the long to get there.
This is the dynamic gameplay the developers were hoping for when they removed HGWT. Sure, you got boned, but you can't deny how cool it was standing around trying to summon people and waiting for them to get there. That hope they'd get there in time, only to have them not and end up wasting everyone's time.

Truly, truly dynamic.
1. Your people should have flown down.
2. Your people that were already there should have blocked the horde summoning.
I don't see that as greifing. Only because the horde might have been wanting to do it at the same time as you. And anything like that when horde is trying for the same thing as allaince i believe its whoever gets there first and tags the boss. Even if it does mean blocking your summoning portal.

Also you can go first person and still click on stuff But if you find that to hard to do i just don't see how you managed to type all that up.^
No, not clever. NPC blocking is a reportable offense.

Edit, OK, technically this is not a NPC but it is still reportable.

@Mattrose. How can it be blocking if you can still use it?
It's not reportable. You can try but there isn't anything wrong. They have just as much right to be where they are as you do. Same with the pve pvp flagging. World bosses are bringing much needed horde/alliance combat back.
Everything is reportable. The more accurate question is "Is this actionable?"
To clarify one thing - ANYTHING could potentially be reported. Whether it is a violation and would be actioned depends on the specifics of the circumstance. Of course, ideally we don't want to waste our time and GM time reporting something that is not a violation, but there are enough gray areas that hard and fast answers of yes or no aren't really going to be available.

In this case, the best thing to do might be to consider how to work around the situation if it happens again. As one person pointed out, warlocks do still have the ability to summon - so just one warlock out there early on could have made a difference. If I remember right, an AoE shouldn't flag someone, so those grabbing adds might be able to swap to one until they've got the mob target - or use a right-click and make sure they have the right mob before attacking. (I know, not always easy in the chaos.)

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