Feng the Accursed 25 man LFR [Bugged]

Bug Report
The raid I was just in received 0 loot!
Same thing happened to my group. However, a very small amount of us reported actually getting loot, which makes me think it's super-bugged.
Are you guys trolling or seriously this uninformed about the LFR loot system changes that went into effect like two months ago?
Considering every single person in the raid got at least a bag of gold on both the other bosses, and nothing on feng, no, I'm not trolling.
Not trolling, this is a legitimate problem that occurred today.
I went 3/3 for loot so... dunno.
Same here. We all got loot from the first and third boss, but no one got anything on Feng. No loot, no gold, nothin.
Just fought him and got no loot bag. The bonus roll worked, at least.
Same. No loot, no bag, same as everyone else in the raid.
Just happened to me, no loot bag.
Same. Didn't get a bag on my DK or Monk
Same no loot bag at all only from him.
Any updates on this? Is this happening to everyone? I really don't want to do LFR because of this.
It really sux because this boss is the only one with 3 items I can use the rest is low chance on 1 item.
Okay I just got loot (the bag + a sigil) so its fine now I guess.
Still broken. Just did a raid where nobody got a cache from Feng.
Killed him and got tank bracers plus a Sigil. Working as intended, I'd say.
Just did it and same here, not even a bag of gold. Bonus loot works, except that i only got some gold from bonus, dont know about equipment from bonus.
Our guild did it last night and no one received loot off Feng in LFR. Ticket was submitted last night but no response yet.
this is how it is, new lfr no loot has to drop, first 2 bosses no loot at all, feng few pieces droped, its blind random rolls for each person, theres no guarentee anyone in raid has to get gear hasnt been this way for months

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