Healing needs to go in PvP

a healer cant kill a dps 1 v 1.... why should a dps be able to kill a healer 1 v 1............
OP just wants to turn the game into a global-fest, first person shooter wannabe zergfest.
No just Necrotic strike needs a buff.
10/10/2012 12:16 AMPosted by Syrelan
wtf is this garbage? i wish we had a way of vote kicking people off the forums.

But now you can....

.|| <-----OP
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Healing is balanced around people who know what they're doing. When every DPS in a random BG runs around aimlessly attacking the first thing that comes into sight (as they usually do), any halfway competant healer is going to look incredibly, inexcusably OP.

But that's because DPS never need any responsibility. They can practically afk their way through dungeons if they want. As a result, we get every lazy tunnel-vision tryhard playing DPS and sucking at the actual game . . . and they make healers look good.
nerf hybrid heals and down the heals a bit but i've always thought that one should pick damage or heals in bgs.. not both.

if one chooses to heal they should be able to do so, if damage then there heals should brought down. would balance pvp a bit more.
10/09/2012 05:10 PMPosted by Kirama
"You can't do that. You know why dumba**? You want to know why? Take one wild guess. You're stunned loser!! Now let me drink those tears!"

That whole post was hilarious! I know how you feel. I do have a healer, and he's gone through all that. And when I'm on, I do a lot of poly and slow. It is frustrating when you're team is playing Wolfpack only in the middle.
1 dps should NOT be able to kill 1 healer.

only 2 dps co-ordinating their stuns should be able to take down a healer with some moderate difficulty.

Why do overpowered classes whinge when they cant kill something. The game isnt based on 1 v 1.
OP you are a hunter. Go BM. If you refuse to go BM then expect to get rolled by heals. If you go BM you will roll me like every other BM does. Just unleash ur extra pet on me and its over. You just hate on healers because you don't got a pocket one lol. Learn to make friends.
I actually agree with you OP, PvP would be a lot more fun without as many healers.

Game would be more fun if it was just DPS classes against each other.

At least then you can actually kill people without having to use all your CD's.
troll warrior, dont you got things to go kill in 2 hits already?

Let's take a look at DPS options for winning against a healer/DPS combo...

A. CC healer, focus down DPS (healer probably can't kill you alone) <--- good play

B. CC DPS, focus down healer (less reliable due to healer CDs) <--- decent play

C. Ignore DPS, focus down healer (burst is stupid, I give it 50/50 odds) <--- faceroll play

D. Freezing trap DPS, silence shot healer, LoLglobal healer then DPS <-- BM hunter play
"i pressed the BW button and then pressed Lynx Rush and the guy didn't die wtf i totally outplayed hiss a$$ this is bs nerf healers to the ground"
some healers are hard to kill and some arent. Ive killed most types solo and have had other healers giggle at me. player skill means more then anything for a healer right now with mages, warriors and bm hunters doing retarded burst :)

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