10 Man Guild LF mage/ele and hpally/rsham

Wipe Club is a 10man guild on Alliance Kiljaeden (pvp server) looking for a Mage and Resto Shaman or an Elemental Shaman and a Holy Pally.

We were 7/7h in Firelands and 8/8h in DS as a 10man.

Our comp at the moment is:

Blood dk
Prot War

Holy Priest
Resto Druid

Assassination Rogue
Frost dk
BM hunter
Affliction Lock

Our raid times are T/W/Sun 430pm server time(pst) so 730pm est

What we DO want:

- Near perfect attendance. Real life happens but please let us know ahead of time, 3 no shows and you're done.

- Know your class. We want our raiders to read up on the latest specs and rotations so they perform at their best ability. We are not in business of holding peoples hands.

- Good awareness. Researching the fights makes it a lot easier to understand what to expect.

- Positive Attitude. We want our raiders to stay positive through progression when the going gets rough, and no taking or putting blame on other players.

- Communication. Being able to communicate abilities and spells makes raiding easier, Do not be afraid to speak up when the times call for it.

- Dedication. We want our raiders to be online before raids, reading up on the encounters so we can push through progression as quick as possible.

Contact Info:

Reach us In-Game
- Dilocahno / Remeros - Officer
- Twirk - Officer
- Mancheese – Officer / Raid Leader
- Snowsangel - Guild Leader
- Hottÿ (alt 152) - Helper Outer


Reach us on Real ID / Battle Tag:
- Mancheese#1508 - Mancheese
- Snowangel#1113 - Snowsangel
- Hoteelz#1542 - Hottÿ

Looking forward to speaking with you!!!
oO, people should join this guild!

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