I hope these are bugged achievements

I just got done doing both Every day i'm a pan-da-ren. and Shadow Hopper. The first of which requires one to complete 25 dailies in one day. and the second requires you to bounce a ball back and fourth in a "row".

Well the first one I had done 10 dailies and the counter didn't reset so the next day i only had to complete 15 dailies in order to "earn" the achievement. The second one I had bounced the ball back and forth about 20 times and hit it into the lake and missed. Then to my surprise after doing it 5 more times I earned the achievement.

Now either these two achievements are bugged or for some odd reason the dev team decided it was too hard for people to complete the achievements as described. Just wondering.
I've read a couple of comments on wowhead about shadow hopper, saying it didn't reset.

As for every day I'm a pan-da-ren, I wouldn't worry too much about whether its bugged or not. In fact, a lot of people are complaining at the sheer amount of dailies available right now (more to come as more people hit revered with golden lotus).
Pretty sure Every Day im pan-da-ren is to complete 25 dailies in a span of 24 hours. Not like "Do them all on a monday"
I got Every Day the same day I got to 90...

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