[H]Illidan<Good Riddance> 12/16 H Recruiting

monty python
Pushing for vizier and empress this week! Come help us get them down!
Vizier dancing is so easy! Why haven't we been doing this forever! Come join us.
Still heavy recruiting for ranged at the moment. Please apply on the site or message krar#1419 for any info.
vizier down!
Only a few more weeks until the patch now! Come raid with great people with great personalities! Contact krar#1419 ingame
Got empress to 18% last night! Come help us get 6/6 HoF and then move on to some Heroic ToeS before patch!
What are you looking for
Very high need for healers at the moment. Message krar#1419 in game if you have any questions, or else apply on the site!
H Empress down!
grats on Empress

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